OCR at Your Service: 3 Must-Know Image to Text Converter

OCR at Your Service: 3 Must-Know Image to Text Converter

Receiving the documents in the form of a scan has become the most common approach these days. Although we are able to edit images as preferences, it's still difficult to edit the text written on any images. Well, what if you require the text that is written on a particular image? It will be quite a challenging task even if you’re a professional editor.

This is where OCR technology is beneficial to you to the utmost extent. And, you could find most online image to text converter sources using OCR technology that mainly process to extract text from image without any human intervention. Give a read to this context and find easy to navigate converters that work finely for all the users to convert image to text with OCR.

OCR (Overview):

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is an innovative technology used to extract text related information from scanned documents and images. The entire process enables a machine to read the text and each character written on the image, compare it legitimately with its database, and display the text in the document format.

This is one of the super-fast technologies that makes text extraction process easier and efficient without any distraction.

Top Tools to Convert Image to Text:

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Use this image to text converter offered by Prepostseo to quickly convert your existing images into text files with advanced OCR. It is referred to as the full-fledged platform that offers over 200 different tools for writers, developers, data entry experts, and SEO experts. No special skills required to process with these tools, just a couple of clicks facilitate you with accurate conversions. You can now copy the extracted text with a single go by using this tool and paste it anywhere you want.

Remember that Prepost only allows you to upload up to 3 images at once to attain text from them at once. To exceed this limit, you should have to get its subscription plan right now. When it comes to converting image to text with this online solution, just three simple steps involve: Upload, COnvert, and Download.

  • Bulk text-based extraction from the photos
  • Free to use with easy to understand interface
  • Swift OCR process to make reliable image to text conversions
  • Accurate OCR results
  • Enables to scan blurred/pixelated images too
  • Ads loaded display


It is super-fast and one of the easiest OCR-based solutions that offers free image to text converter online. No special skills required nor the sign-up process involved to handle this website, just drag and drop the image file and let this OCR tool do the text extraction. And, even this online solution comes with the ability to grab text from PDF and store it all into MS Word, Txt, and other formats.

You can find this online file converter capable of converting up to 20 images at once into text-based formats. In addition to that, this photo to text converter permits to turn jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tiff, heic, and other image formats into editable text files without any hassle. And, if you want to process more than 20 images simultaneously regarding text extraction, you ought to stick with its pro plan.

  • No huge human intervention for converting image to text
  • Smart OCR technology with accurate results
  • Elegant and easy to handle interface
  • Text extraction for bulk images
  • Convert up to 20 images at once for free
  • Download extracted text into different text-based formats
  • Multi-lingual supports
  • Extracted text can be translated into over 100 languages
  • Advertisements on different places


Editpad is referred to as one of the best sources that come in with the best image to text converter. Apart from image text conversions, this platform is loaded with a number of tools to deal with document related conversions effortlessly. The great part is that this desktop solution does not demand login or registration credentials before and after conversion. All you need to do is insert your image inside this tool and make a click on the given Extract Text button. You will find that this OCR tool will commence with analyzing your data and start comparing it with its stored database. Quit worrying about the result disruption as it comes with the huge database from which it will identify the similar alphabets/characters and write them in the designated text box.

Moreover, this full-fledged source scans your document and Swift starts comparing each alphabet with patterns stored in its given database. With this, it will provide only those letters that are found to match exactly or can be come-up with maximum similarity. This means, you can attain text-based extraction with 100% accuracy.

  • Use different image insertion methods
  • Clear UI
  • No sign-up
  • Single click text download
  • Ad display
  • No text extraction for multiple files
  • No cloud-based integration


In this Article, we have highlighted three well-known image-to-text converters utilized for OCR purposes. These converters leverage OCR technology to seamlessly extract text from images, enabling enhanced text editing and manipulation. Their user-friendly interfaces and efficient processes make them valuable tools for various tasks, from digitizing documents to simplifying data entry. Whether dealing with scanned documents or images, these converters offer practical solutions for converting visual content into editable text with accuracy and ease.

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