WhitePress Online Platform: An Overview

The WhitePress platform is a modern solution that allows customers (advertisers, marketers, company representatives, etc.) and publishers to profitably cooperate. Registration is free
WhitePress Online Platform: An Overview

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WhitePress Platform Overview

WhitePress can rightfully be considered the best platform for publishing content on various open Internet resources (blogs, websites, etc.). WhitePress will undoubtedly be of interest to advertisers, publishers, copywriters, because it makes it possible to provide increased traffic and lead generation, integration of SEO and content marketing, improve the professional image of a company or an individual, increase awareness of a specific brand or product, and much more.

Today the platform has more than 19,000 portals on the Internet spaces of most European countries. Materials are published in 12 languages, not only in Europe, but also with access to the US markets.

For more detailed information, we present a detailed whitepress.net review, thanks to which you can choose on this platform the necessary options for promoting or ordering content adapted to the country of publication.

What is WhitePress

WhitePress is an Internet platform designed to publish articles, support companies in the content marketing segment, and establish effective communications between customers, publishers, copywriters, and advertisers. Developed and patented by Polish developers about 8 years ago. Today the platform is used by more than 25,000 publishers. The number of advertiser customers interacting with them has exceeded 35,000. To work with the platform, there is no need to install special software, you can work directly from the browser installed on your device. Registration for the service is completely free and not difficult.

WhitePress allows you to get a stable income for publishers of portals and blogs. By publishing sponsored articles on your portal or blog, you can have a good and stable income. This service can be a great help to develop the potential of your online business.

WhitePress is a platform through which we can easily find an advertiser. That is, WhitePress serves as an intermediary for us, which connects advertisers with publishers. Advertisers, that is, those who want to publish ads on the site, can also easily find the portal they need through WhitePress SEO.

How to work with the platform

So you've decided to get started with WhitePress. Further actions are carried out through simple steps, in accordance with your needs. To get acquainted with the necessary information and register, click on the desired tab of the main menu located at the top of the page.


  1. Adding or ordering content. At this stage, you can insert an article selected for publication into a special form, or order new content from our specialists.
  2. Choice of the place of publication. Using a simple search engine, find an offer for posting on the terms that suit you.
  3. You place an order.

Payment for publication is made through PayPal. Once the order has been placed, it will be immediately sent to the publishing party for execution. WhitePress monitors posting deadlines.

WhitePress also has an effective free tracking script that allows you to determine the interest of users in relation to the posted content.


The publisher (owner) of the resource publishing the content:

  1. You post proposals for the publication of an article on your website.
  2. Marketers, or other persons interested in posting articles, in the process of studying proposals, browse your site, and opt for it.
  3. You receive an offer to post an article.
  4. You fulfill the received order and earn money.

Working conditions for publishers are very comfortable. The publisher has the right to set the price for the publication of the article himself, and also has the right at any time (before payment is made) to refuse to publish it. There will be no penalties for this. Payment for publication is made within 1 business day from the date of the invoice. The publisher should not be afraid that he will be accused of publishing plagiarism: the content is carefully checked for uniqueness using the CopyScare system. In addition, WhitePress takes care of all the formalities related to finding clients, negotiations, payments, meeting deadlines, etc.

Sometimes situations arise when it is necessary to ensure the promotion of a product or company on the Internet resources. But the customer has no informational ideas on this matter. WhitePress can help. If you are lacking in good content, WhitePress will offer you to create unique articles for you on any topic. More than 60 industry experts and journalists work with the platform, and a huge number of trusted, professional copywriters. WhitePress makes sure that tasks are completed on time, edits to articles can be made by communicating with the contractor in real time. The cost of the created content depends on the level of expertise of the performer.

Top Reasons Why Users Choose WhitePress

Analyzing the functionality of the platform, we have identified a number of positions thanks to which WhitePress, as an effective resource for publications, has recently gained steady popularity in our country. Naturally, in the end everything is decided by an integrated and professional approach, but some of its elements deserve attention.

An effective, comprehensive search engine

The algorithm of the WhitePress search engine, thanks to the information about publishers accumulated in the database, makes it easy to find the best offer for publishing content. The data on suitable resources is constantly updated and updated. The estimated traffic after posting an article on the publisher's resource is estimated by the previous history of publications on it.

Fast payment

The amount of financial charges is paid to the publisher within one business day from the date of receipt of the invoice.

Content placement in European markets

When creating an account on WhitePress, the user gets the opportunity to order a content product in any country in Europe where the platform operates. WhitePress offers local writing services, language support, and billing according to the country of registration.

Detailed study of publisher ratings

WhitePress experts carefully evaluate publisher sites before adding data about them to the platform information base. The publisher must meet a number of specific requirements, which become more and more stringent every year. The WhitePress editorial team assesses the potential, content and technical parameters of publisher sites based on objective criteria, the priority of which is high rates of publication traffic and the site's relevance as a resource.

Track a published product throughout the year

Any of the articles published through the WhitePress platform is confirmed by the customer upon publication. Throughout the year, starting from this moment, WhitePress systems perform a daily check for the presence or change of the posted content. If unregulated changes in the content of the content are identified, the WhitePress editors will coordinate the emerging issues directly with the publisher.

Guaranteed placement of content on sites with active traffic

On the vastness of the world wide web, you can find a huge number of proposals from the owners of sites and blogs about publishing content. But only with WhitePress you can get really profitable and honest offers from publishers to publish your articles on various types of Internet resources: blogs, home pages, news portals and social networks. These resources are distinguished, as a rule, by steadily growing traffic.

Determining the relevance and popularity of articles posted by the customer

The statistics collected using a specialized, proprietary tracking code provide a larger data resource than other vendors' tools on the market. The option is provided to WhitePress users absolutely free. With its help, you can track the traffic of published content in real time, its position in the search results, or the effectiveness of the coverage of an advertising campaign.

Professional service and favorable prices

Due to the fact that all processes on WhitePress are fully automated, the platform can offer high-quality services for the creation, adaptation and placement of content at attractive prices for customers. Whether you are an intermediary, a premium advertiser, or a representative of a large agency, if you purchase a sufficient amount of services within a certain time, you will be offered additional bonuses and discounts. WhitePress also guarantees complete confidentiality of transactions concluded on services, in accordance with the white label model, relying on the ethical standards of modern international trade. Competition with partners is excluded.

Progress does not stand still, and almost all spheres of our life are in one way or another connected with the Internet space. the consequence of this is that TV broadcasts and the regular press are gradually losing their positions as attractive information and advertising platforms. The rapidly changing modern world requires innovative solutions and technologies to reach a large part of the audience. The WhitePress platform is perfectly suited to these requirements.

★★★★☆  WhitePress Online Platform: An Overview The WhitePress platform is a modern solution that allows customers (advertisers, marketers, company representatives, etc.) and publishers to profitably cooperate. Registration is free

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