5 Expert SalesForce tips for small business: should you use it?

The popular SalesForce CRM comes at a price, and it might be difficult for small businesses to decide on using it or not, especially without any priori experience, and knowing that once you've started using a software, it is very complicated to ever leave it and migrate to another solution....
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How much does a SalesForce license cost?

How much does a SalesForce license cost? A SalesForce Lightning license cost starts at 25$US per user and per month, at the minimum. This is without much liberty for users, as the system is limited to basic functions. A license is necessary to add user to the SalesForce account and have them accessing the company data....
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How to easily change or reset user password with SalesForce password policies?

Resetting the user password in SalesForce necessitates to verify all of the password policies that have been setup by the system administrator, and might sometimes lead to users feeling like they cannot reset their password in the SalesForce lightning interface....
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