Android phone overheating - android battery draining fast fix

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If you sometimes experience phone getting warm, android phone overheating, or battery draining fast, quickly check most battery consuming apps, and see below how to stop apps from draining battery android !

How to stop background apps in android ? Why is my battery draining so quickly ? What is causing my phone battery to drain ? how do you cool down your phone?

The answer is simple, some apps running in background are the reason why is my phone using so much battery, even if you are not actually using them. See below the mobile heating problem solution.

First, open phone settings android from the phone menu app.

Find the Battery menu, where the android battery settings are located.

Do a search android phone for the apps with a high percentage. See below examples with 9GAG, high facebook battery usage or ZenUI Launcher app being the cause of the phone battery overheating. Select the apps one after the other, and use the android force stop option.

What is force stop on android ? It will close the app regardless of its status.

Should you not use the app at all, don't hesitate to go in the App info to uninstall apps, this is also how to uninstall application on android.

The applications android system using up battery is normal, as it is the main application. Android OS battery usage high also, and Screen battery usage as well, as they are the most used application, and therefore the most battery draining apps Android.

If you see other apps that use the most battery, then do a force stop app for android on them, this is how to cool down your phone and how to cool down phone as fast as possible.

Phone overheating and battery draining is reason why is my phone hot and losing battery, but also why is my phone overheating so quickly. However, it is not the reason for phone heating up while charging.

9gag app battery drain

When then 9gag app drains battery on your phone, which is visible by a high usage of phone battery, causing the app 9gag to overheats the phone, and 9gag draining battery, the only solution to stop phone from overheating is to stop the 9gag app.

Go to settings > apps > 9gag > force stop. To make sure that phone overheating and battery draining will stop, check that the phone software updates are installed, the app latest updates are installed, and that the Internet connection is working properly.

This should stop phone from overheating, and should be the main reason why my phone heats up really fast.

How to stop Facebook from draining battery Android

If you see Facebook draining battery on Android, quickly go to settings > apps > Facebook > force stop.

This will quickly solve Android heating up and battery drain, while you update the application to its latest version and clear the application cache to stop phone overheating and battery draining on long term.

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