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How to transfer photos from android to android

When getting a new Android phone, there is no overall easy way to transfer all data from an old phone to a new phone.

Each brand and models rely on different technologies, which usually are not available on previous phone, and different tricks must be used for each phone.

In order to transfer all the pictures from one Android phone to another, without losing precious pictures details (time, location, ...), the simple trick is the following :

How to transfer photos from android to android

Plug the two smartphones to the same computer, and open the folder Internal Storage > DCIM > Camera - this example applies for the pictures taken with the camera, folders might be different for specific phones, or another folder with pictures can be used.

On this folder, select all the pictures, and copy them.

Open the equivalent folder on the new phone, and copy files from old phone to that one, either with right click + drag and drop.

Or by pasting the selected pictures :

Android transfer photos to new phone

Copy might take some time... have a break and take a coffee !

But don't go too far away from the computer, as some requests might come up. Example with videos, which formats might not be recognized across different phones.

At the end, have a look at the pictures in your new phone. Some of them might have gotten actual date instead of picture date, but, overall, most pictures should be there with accurate information.

How to transfer pictures from old phone to new phone

In order to transfer photos to new phone without losing information, connect both phones via USB to a computer, and using Windows Explorer, copy the pictures from the pictures folder in the old phone to the pictures folder in the new phone, without using the computer storage.

That way, extra information stored on the phone for the pictures will not be lost while transfering pictures.

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