YB Digital Open Vacancies

All vacancies are offered as part time jobs, to either one resource or multiple. Please mention your expected daily rate, availability, and setup.

Freelancers are preferred, location not relevant. Face to face interviews can only be conducted in Warsaw. English is better, but Russian language is also needed. Collaborators in Ukraine are welcome!

Total is for one FTE (Full Time Equivalent) - meaning each is about 25% occupation, or 100% for a ressource that could perform all or most of these tasks.

Digital assistant

Digital Assistant

  • Prepare email template for PR reach
  • Organize received quotes in spreadsheet template for web publishing
  • Answer quotes received from partners and manage eventual further collaboration requests
  • Manage social medias

Digital assistant

Digital Course Creator

  • Propose business course topics
  • Create business course storyboard and script
  • Create course support materials (illustrations, presentation)
  • Record course videos

Digital assistant

Digital Content Creator

  • Create infographics to support articles / videos
  • Edit videos using Canva or another tool
  • Create video reviews of online tools or software
  • Create social media material

Digital assistant


  • Research information in following niches: business, travel, technology, sports, entertainment, fashion, finance, gambling
  • Write well researched ~1000 worlds articles about given topics
  • Create products comparison reviews
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