Where Can I Fly On A Year Long World Tour? Expert Tips

Where Can I Fly On A Year Long World Tour? Expert Tips

What is the single best stop in your opinion that should be included in a year long world tour? Have you been on a year long world tour yourself ?

We've asked these questions to the community of experts, and these are their answers. Get inspired by these

Seoul, South Korea, is full of pleasant surprises!

Thinking about Asia, and coming from Europe or America, we often reduce it to very touristic places, such as Thailand or Bali, which are indeed great places to visit and to add to any travel bucket list.

However, Seoul in South Korea has more to offer than only being a business trip stop! With plenty of activities to do, the world's busiest flight route Seoul-Jeju offers you an easy getaway, at only an hour flight, to a paradise island.

But it is only a short example! Beyond accommodation prices that might not be accessible to everyone, the country offers plenty of options to eat well and cheap, as well as to participate in various activities, from museums to travel inside the country.

Réunion Island, France, located just off the coast of Madagascar

I have actually traveled straight for two years on a church trip, and my wife is leaving this summer for four months on a school service trip as well. I spent time everywhere from Africa to the Caribbean.

My top spot for a world tour would have to be Réunion Island, France, located just off the coast of Madagascar. If you’re an adventure lover like I am, you can’t go wrong. While I was there we watched erupting volcanoes and lava flows, hiked to the highest peak in the Indian Ocean, and enjoyed delicious local food (mixed with a bit of French cuisine of course). Plus, it’s only a small hop from Mauritius (which is known for its “underwater waterfall). Both islands are amazing, and Réunion is relatively lowkey and unknown.

The Mediterranean island of MALTA - found just under Sicily and above the coast of Africa

My pic for my best solo, OR romantic travel destination in 2022 as we move away from covid is the Mediterranean island of MALTA - found just under Sicily and above the coast of Africa. A fascinating location that literally has something for everyone so it really feeds the travel starved soul! From beautiful beaches and palm trees and unmatched nightlife - toan incredible 6000 plus years of recorded history - in Malta you can walk in an entire city that is a Unesco world heritage site, visit beautiful baroque churches, sleep in a medieval hotel in Valetta or a five star modern luxe space like San Giljan's unique Be! Hotel and see prehistoric and neolithic temples, enjoy karaoke on a big screen by a beach with locals, enjoy delicious food (vegetarians will love the traditional broad bean dip the island is known for, and those who love seafood will be well served with local fish from this island nation as well as local specialties like octopus - and if you are serious about your meat eating you can find rabbit on the menu at many locations - you can have all of these stellar travel experiences - and do it all on an island where sustainable travel is a priority. Making it easy for North Americans because of the recent British history of the island, many signs are in English and everybody speaks the language. The island is over 92 percent vaccinated and the Maltese people are also known for being super friendly and safe! It's the perfect getaway for these times! My husband and I were lucky enough to attend an international tech conference there just before omicron hit so we were able to see all its offerings as they ramped up to receive tourists again - and though Dec and Jan were a blip where a lot of flights were cancelled as international travel was restricted all systems are go again.

When touring the world, you have to stop at Hawaii

If you are someone who likes to have lots of activities at their disposal, I would recommend Oahu.

If you are someone who likes to take it easy and just enjoy nature, I would recommend Kauai. Though Hawaii is part of the US, it is such a fantastic travel destination that is an absolute must. Personally, I would recommend making it your last stop on your way home so that you can finish your trip by soaking up the sun and enjoying the ocean.

You have to stop in Prague

In my opinion, no other city in the world can compare to Prague. The architecture is amazing, they have incredible museums, and Prague is home to the Astronomical Clock. It's worth the trip just to learn about this amazing feat of engineering and the legendary curse surrounding it. Prague is quite possibly one of Eastern Europe's best kept secrets and should definitely be one of the stops on a year-long tour of the world.

Europe is a country that everyone should add to their bucket list

I enjoy visiting other countries, and three years ago, I decided to embark on a round-the-world trip. I tried to cover as many countries as I could within my budget. Based on my travel experiences, Europe is a country that everyone should add to their bucket list. There are so many lovely sites to visit that will leave a lasting impression on your view of the world's beauty. Paris, London, Rome, Amsterdam, and Venice are some of Europe's most popular tourist attractions.

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