How to get more Google Drive storage for free?

Get free Google Drive space

How to get more Google Drive storage for free? That’s easy, simply by buying a device such as an Asus product, that will offer you 100GB storage for a year for free, thus saving you the 20€ annual fee for a 100GB Google Drive cloud storage.

Every Asus device, such as Asus laptop, Asus smartphone, or Asus tablet, come with a 100GB Google free cloud storage for a year.

How to get unlimited Google free cloud storage for free? That is simple – buy such a device, register for the one year 100GB Google cloud free space offer when turning on the device, and then within a few days, return the device saying that you do not want it anymore.

Most shops will be obliged to refund you after you’ll have changed your mind, providing that you are able to return the gadget in good condition and in its original package.

And, that’s right – using this trick, you’ll have gotten 100GB of Google cloud free space, which means for GMail more space and also for all other Google Drive products that are using the online storage. You’ll have an increase Google drive space for free, and you can repeat the operation as many times as necessary!

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