How to get an SAP professional certification online?

Getting an SAP professional certification online

To get an SAP professional certification, add SAP skills on your CV, and be eligible for some $100000 jobs, as the average SAP consultant salary‌  is between $83000 and $129000 after 5 years experience in USA, one way is to register at Michael Management SAP education online‌  for free, and preview all their SAP courses.

Average SAP Consultant Salary in USA: $129000 with 5 years experience

After buying a training access – and eventually access to a SAP online system, follow the courses assigned and complete all corresponding SAP education online in the assigned courses to get an SAP professional certification.

The final exam will be very difficult, but it is definitely worth it – with this SAP professional certification‌  given by Michael Management SAP education online, it is possible to add SAP skills a CV and have its professional profile directly worth more, with increased job security, bigger salary potential, faster promotions, and better visibility during job search – an SAP consultant doesn’t have to look for a job, the offers are coming to him.

Average SAP Consultant Salary in USA on
SAP Salary snapshot by MichaelManagement

The Michael Management SAP education online‌  training catalog is full of all kind of formations, in which any aspiring SAP professional can find an SAP education online that will fit his needs, such as:

What are online SAP professional course?

To know how to get SAP certification online, it is necessary to understand what is an online SAP professional course, such as the ones offered by Michael Management SAP education online.

They offer packages for individual SAP training, and also SAP training for business, on top of their SAP online system‌  access.

Each online SAP professional course can be taken alone as single course, or they can all be accessed with a yearly package. Each course consists of videos explaining details about the topic, such as business concepts behind the topic, and examples of system usage with business scenario according to the course topic.

To get SAP certification validated, it is necessary to follow an assigned list of assigned online courses, and reach a final SAP ERP certification exam, which might lead to the delivery of the SAP certification by the training entity, michaelmanagement.

Online SAP corporate training packages

It is not only possible for individuals to get an online SAP certification, but there also SAP corporate training packages possible, in order for companies to allow several of their employees to skill up by themselves, and eventually reach the final SAP ERP certification exam, by getting a company SAP corporate training package.

The SAP training for business‌  package comes with a free SAP corporate training access for group trial, in order to evaluate how good it is for the company.

Between 5 and 24 users, it starts as low as US$1200 per user, and can be tried for free for 10 days. With more users, the SAP training for business‌  package price can even be negotiated down.

Online course example: SAP procurement training

For example, there are plenty of SAP procurement training‌  and related to take online, that will teach you the whole procurement lifecycle management‌  in SAP S/4 HANA, and its link with Ariba.

By taking such course, you will see videos in which the trainer shows in his SAP procurement training‌  how to create documents necessary for the purchasing process, starting with the purchase requisition, followed by a request for quotation, the SAP quotation, how to create a purchase order, and all details leading to the creation of an SAP supplier invoice.

SAP procurement training Operational procurement in S/4HANA in English

Online course example: SAP Ariba introduction

Another excellent way to get useful SAP education online is to take an SAP Ariba online course, that will explain in detail how the Plan – Buy – Pay process works in SAP.

As for other courses, it will show how the process works, and offer some visual walkthrough in the Ariba SAP online system.

SAP Ariba online course Introduction to SAP Ariba in English

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