How to invite friends to like a page on Facebook

How to invite friends to like a page on Facebook

Invite all friends to like Facebook page

To invite all your friends to like a page, and therefore getting more likes on your Facebook business page, which will lead to increased interactions, follow the guide.

Start by logging in on Facebook, with a user that is administration a Facebook business page.

There, in the bottom right corner of the page on desktop, information on your pages are displayed, with a link to invite your friends.

Click on this link to continue to invite all friends to Facebook page.

Invite all friends to like page

There, in the invite your friends to like page, you can see which friends are not invited yet, but you can also find out which friends have already been invited.

In the not invited tab, simply click on Select all, to invite all Facebook friends to like page.

Our tip to increase page like from friends, check the Also send each invite in Messenger box. Like that, friends will chat up with you and find the invitation more personal.

In our tests, we got about 25% page like back from Messenger invite, compared to 10% with a simple page invite.

By checking the box to send a Messenger invite, the invite will be limited to 50 friends, simply repeat the operation as many times as necessary.

Sample invitation message to like facebook page

Before sending the invites, personalize the message to send them. Here are a few sample invitation message to like Facebook page, feel free to use them and adapt them to your page, friends, and needs :

- Hi, I'm inviting you to like my Page because I thought you might be interested in supporting it. You'll get updates on what's new, and you can interact with other people on this Page.

- Hello dear friend, please have a look at my page, and follow it to get news about my business and my whereabouts. Would be great to see you interacting with my brand, let me know if you need any more info =)

- Hello, Michel here, we haven't talked for a while, I've been busy working on my Page, would be great if you could support it and let me know what you think about our products. Happy to organize a discount for you and your friends whenever you'd like to order from us ;)

- Hello ! How are you doing ? I haven't been much active on Facebook lately, because I post all my updates on my Page, would be great if you could like it to follow my latest adventures. Cheers :)

After having selected the friends that you want to invite to like your page, simply click on the send invites button.

If you have chosen to send invites on Messenger, then each of the selected friends will get right away a private message from you, inviting them to like the page.

How to invite friends to like page on Facebook

If not, then they will get a notification inviting them to like the page.

The invitation sending might take some time, as Facebook will send all invites as requested. After it is done, you can repeat the operation with another list of friends, until all your friends have been invited to like your Facebook page.

After that, check your notifications, you should quickly get some feedback on friends that accepted your page like invitation, in the bottom left corner when it happens, and after that in the standard notification area on the top right.

If invite was sent via messenger, all friends will get an invite looking like below screenshot.

Most likely, with this personalized message, friends will start asking you about your page, and will maybe directly tell you that they will like the page right away.

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Cancel invitation to like a Facebook page

Once you have invited friends to like a Facebook page, it is not possible to cancel the invitation to like a page on Facebook.

There is actually no option to cancel a page invitation. All you can do, if it is your page, is to delete the page, then the invite will be obsolete.

Another option is to unfriend the friend to whom you have sent the page invite, but that is also not ideal.

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