Why Social Media Videos Are Crucial for Your Marketing Campaign

None of the businesses can exist without social media nowadays. Of course, it can but if you want to catch up with your competitors and users’ needs, a social media marketing campaign is nothing but a must. They have changed the way people communicate and perceive different information.

A successful marketing campaign is impossible without social media. Over 80% of Americans use social media daily. This is one of the most powerful ways of influencing people and reaching your target audience. People perceive visual content much better than text.

Users are more likely to share social media videos and pictures than just text posts. Large companies consider videos to be the most engaging content for any content marketing campaign. If you really want to keep your users interested and get more target customers, digital marketing experts from IT development company‌ break down the following reasons to create videos for social media.

Attention grabbing

Getting people’s attention is not easy. You must really stand out to hook the audience. Users dislike reading texts and they stopped doing it a long time ago. Modern people can only perceive visualized content. If you want people to consume your information much easier, create more videos for your social media.

Videos grab viewers’ attention within the first few seconds. A video is the best alternative to a picture-text post. It can deliver information that people can read in the text and at the same time, it is not as boring as text and more captivating than just a picture. It is short enough not to make people bored and long enough to captivate them.

Videos maintain viewers’ attention and make them want to see more. Videos leave almost no chances to scroll them away.

Boosting your search optimization

If you have no idea how to create a marketing campaign, try to optimize all of your content for search engines. Videos are a great way to do it. Social media plays the role of search engines nowadays, so your content must be relevant so people can easily find it.

You have great content but have no idea how to get to the top of the trending list. Your videos must contain appropriate headlines and descriptions (as well as each of the pictures in your posts). This way, your videos will be registered in search engines and complemented with relevant hashtags.

Some social media like Twitter, for example, offer detailed analytics for hashtags. You can make great optimization using their detailed demographics and these analytics. Just do not forget to add tags when posting videos on Facebook and YouTube.

Increasing conversion rates

When launching a digital marketing campaign, you want to increase your conversion rates and this is natural. That is the main goal of it. Each of your videos must have a goal regardless of the social media you post them on.

Conversion rates are crucial when you want to drive traffic to your website, share a video, or make people purchase your products or services. When people watch your social media marketing videos from the beginning till the very end, it means they are interested.

After watching a video, they need to see a call to action. No matter what the goal of your video is, you should let them know about it. For example, “click here to learn more” or “upload the app here”, etc. Having appropriate content is just half of the success. You must make it to drive conversions.

Your brand has the face and the voice

Of course, you can use ui ux design for your website and make it outstanding. However, it is crucial to deliver only relevant content to your users. Videos make your brand have its voice and even face. It is much easier for your brand to enjoy the benefits of new stories. Viral content is spread very quickly and brings you tons of advantages.

Social conversation is very important and if you use videos properly, you can become a part of it. Did you know that some hashtags only recur weekly? Your videos might turn into great campaigns that initiate conversation. To reach that, you should link your video to the latest trends.

Unique messages to your audience

Unlike during a real-time conversation, a video allows you to deliver only one idea at a time. If you try to render more messages or discuss more ideas in one video, people will lose interest promptly. Each video must tell one unique story and evoke the wish to view more in the future.

Do not forget about the call to action. If you add something other than that, your video will lose its purpose. You should deliver only unique messages to your audience. You can even repurpose large videos from time to time. When doing it properly, you may have assets for months from these videos.

Explaining your product

Videos are indispensable tools when it comes to letting people know about your product. 94% of marketers acknowledge that video content helps users understand the product or service. When people do not understand your product or do not realize what you want to offer, they will hardly buy it.

When posting pictures and long texts, you confuse your users, especially, when your product is innovative, it is quite complicated for people to understand it. Video content is the best way to explain and visualize what you want to offer and how things work.

Retargeting viewers

If you use Facebook for your marketing campaign, you can enjoy one of the biggest benefits of their offers. Paid video campaigns allow retargeting your viewers depending on how much time they spend to view your videos. As a business owner, you are familiar with the Facebook Ads Manager. If you are not, then you should hire someone who will work or teach you how to deal with it. This redirecting function is built directly into the Manager.

This is a great tool for advertisers. First of all, because you can advertise to people who have already watched your video content for a certain amount of time. Secondly, you have a unique chance to show your third video only to those people who have viewed the second video, etc. Such a tool is really valuable and saves tons of time.

When you know that users watch at least 10 seconds of your videos 3 or 5 times, you are sure these people are ready to be your potential customers. Then, you can target them with direct advertising.

These tools allow warming people up before advertising to them. They are aware of your product or services and know enough about your brand. Now, they are ready to know about your offers, including limited offers. Next campaigns will drive revenue.

These are the top 7 reasons for which you should consider your video campaigns on different social media platforms. Stand out from your competitors and give your target users what they want to get.

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