Ezoic Premium Review – Is It Worth It?

Getting invited to the premium program of the website advertising management system Ezoic is reserved to selected people that have relevant website and content. But how to get there, should you do it, is Ezoic premium‌ worth it and what to expect? Follow the guide, and leave a comment should you have any question!

Should I try Ezoic Premium? Yes! You should try it for free for 14 days

In short, the answer is yes, you should join it! See for yourself in my detailed Ezoic premium‌ review and case study how I multiplied my websites earnings by four to seven folds simply by registering my sites above 10000 unique visitors per month on Ezoic platform‌ in various niches (business, technology, travel), and by subscribing to the Ezoic premium‌ plan as soon as I got invited to.

Disclaimer: My Ezoic Premium review contains affiliate links. I am using the service since 2018 on several websites and recommend it based on real usage. If you create a free account and start earning money with Ezoic, I will earn a commission on your earnings, and will personally make sure that you get the best treatment if you let me know about it. Register for free so we can help you grow your website revenue whenever you’re ready!

Ezoic premium review

The Google certified publishing partner Ezoic offers on private invitation basis to join a premium program, that will allow the access to personalized ad partners that will increase the overall website revenue, compared to simply monetize Google sites‌ with increased Google AdSense payment‌ using only the standard ad network.

What is Ezoic? Ezoic is an Ad Exchange partner that will double your AdSense earnings – or even triple them

This service that monetize your website‌ even better comes at a charge, and therefore it is valid to ask the question, is it worth joining Ezoic premium‌ program? Is it worthy of one of the best ad exchange network?

Ezoic premium experience

After getting an email invitation to join the premium program in December to monetize your website‌ with Ezoic premium, I joined right away the Ezoic premium‌ starting with a 14 days trial.

After the trial, I would have access to the basic package, at the Ezoic premium‌ pricing cost of US$44 per month, promising to increase website earnings by more than US$68.

I could directly see that it was the case – during the two weeks trial, I already nearly earned the equivalent of the monthly charge, on top of the standard earnings.

In the following months, the same happened: I always earned at least the minimum promised by the program, more than US$68 per month on top of standard earnings.

Nevertheless, the increased revenue never got close to the upper estimated revenue increase, and generally stayed close to the lower bracket.

Earnings from Ezoic premium

More than 6 months later, I don’t regret having joined the Ezoic premium‌ program, and would recommend other online publishers to join us on the Ezoic premium, as I earned more from it than what I spent.

On average, the increase is earnings is about 60% more than what is spent on the Ezoic premium‌ pricing, with about US$70 earned per month from the Ezoic premium‌ program on top of the standard Ezoic earnings, for a monthly cost of US$44.

Ezoic premium feedback

I registered with an annual plan, committing for a whole year, for a total of US$528 for the whole year, which I already earned in Ezoic premium‌ increased revenue by mid-August.

Therefore, by joining the Ezoic premium‌ program, you can expect it to reimburse itself for up to 8 months, and get 4 months of income increase.

There are other benefits included in joining the Ezoic premium‌ program, but they did not seem so important in our case.

For example, the premium partners are getting their data processed faster. But, even looking at Ezoic’s own statistics, the benefit for premium partners is only in the order of a few minutes, which is not such a big improvement and won’t be necessary for most publishers.

The other benefit for Ezoic premium‌ partners is that their website is optimized faster, as Ezoic offers for example an awesome Page Speed application, that speeds up your website, by compressing images to WebP format for you, managing lazy load, and more – thus making you gain points on Google PageSpeed Insights‌ checks such as leverage browser caching‌ or eliminate render-blocking Javascript, among others, and delivering your site faster and better to your visitors.

All things considered, monetize Google sites‌ by joining the Ezoic premium‌ program is a good decision, as it increases website’s earnings from online advertisement and will definitely help you to monetize your website‌ even more, on average from 50% to 250% more.

Ezoic dashboard and big data analytics

The Ezoic dashboard‌ offers amazing reports, that will go further than Google Analytics for example, especially if your account has several websites: the Ezoic dashboard‌ will offer the opportunity to aggregate the data from all the different websites.

It goes even further in the Ezoic Big Data Analytics‌ tool, one of the reasons why this Ezoic review‌ is so positive. The Big Data Analytics‌ tool offers much better functionalities than competition, by aggregating data from all websites, and offering real time data.

In the Big Data Analytics‌ of the Ezoic dashboard, the visits and earnings are visible in real time, offering a glimpse at the earnings of the day, which will be visible the following day on the website dashboard.

Ezoic premium upgrade plans

Whenever your website will have reached enough earnings to be eligible for the upper Ezoic premium‌ plan, an automatic email will be sent out to you, letting you know that you have the opportunity to log onto their website and select the upper plan, either as basic, preferred or elite subscription, each of them costing more and brining in more revenue.

Having now been a Premium user for nearly two years, it has always been beneficial to use the Premium plan with the highest level of subscription which is called the Elite level for the plan.

In some cases, it happened to me that my account earnings have been going down so much that I was automatically switched down to the next lower plan, thus not losing any money.

Using the Ezoic premium‌ subscription, you will always make more money, have the choice to subscribe to the higher plans, and be automatically switched to lower plans in case your website earnings aren’t at the level of your current plan due to some earning loss.

Even without being invited to the premium plan, using Ezoic still is the best way to increase your website earnings simply by displaying ads, and leaving you with full control over these ads display.

Is Ezoic premium worth it?

In my experience, it is definitely worth to join the Ezoic premium‌ program as soon as you get the opportunity, and to register with an annual subscription at the highest available plan, the Elite plan.

Is Ezoic premium worth it? Yes, definitely, with the Elite plan

Not only you will consistently earn more money, and the difference will be higher than what you will pay for it, you will also access amazing services, such as faster data processing for your revenue and your Big Data Analytics‌ along with a faster response from the technical support.

Depending on your premium level, you will also get a discount on the Site Speed Accelerator‌ and might even get it for free once once you’ll get to the Ezoic premium‌ Diamond that are earning above $2500 a month.

Using the Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator‌ will help you getting green on Google PageSpeed Insights‌ and reaching a score very close to 100 – if not even exactly that.

Therefore, it is an amazing addition to get that great service for free, included in the Premium plan that you are subscribing to and that earns you more money in any case.

Ezoic Site Speed accelerator
Ezoic Site Speed accelerator 

The Ezoic premium‌ pricing might seems like a no go at first – it was also my case, and therefore I would recommend to start with the Free Ezoic mediation services to earn money, and try out for yourself the 14 days premium invite as soon as you get it.

Let me know in comments what is your own Ezoic premium‌ review if you have already tried it!

Ezoic Premium review FAQ

What is Ezoic?
Ezoic is a certified Google partner that will manage on your behalf website advertising on your properties, and display the highest paying ads from many partners, including Google Adsense, thus increasing your earnings. You will typically double AdSense earnings at least from simply using Ezoic instead of AdSense.
Is Ezoic legit?
Yes, Ezoic is a legit company that offers a legit service. They are one of the few certified Google partners, and you can join the program for free - they are there to help you earn money by finding the highest paying ads for your content, not to get any from you.
How do you use Ezoic?
To use Ezoic, create a free account, install a Google Chrome extension that will help you visually select ad locations on your website, and add several placeholders on one of your page. The system will then automatically find the highest paying ads and locations for your audience and double your AdSense earnings - or even triple them like in my case.
How much does Ezoic cost?
Ezoic is free to use. Only the premium program has a fee, that covers a real service in which some advertisers are hand picked for your websites to increase your earnings even further.
What is G Ezoic net?
Ezoic is an artificial intelligence‌ system that selects the highest paying website advertising from several partners to help your website make more money.
How to make money online?
See our full guide to make money online‌ from your website or other online creations.
How to monetize your website?
See our full guide to monetize your website‌ and make money from your online creations.
RatingRatingRatingRatingRating Ezoic Premium Review – Is It Worth It? Ezoic Premium is an amazing service to increase your website earnings through display ads

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 2020-01-16  Stéphane Vierge
Thank you for the post and your feedback about Ezoic premium plan. I was looking for such an article because I've received this offer from Ezoic yesterday. Still I'm not convinced as it is quite a big amount to pay for 1 year for a small income increase. Especially for a French entrepreneur like me as I'm going to pay 26% of VAT on the 68$ of surplus. Anyway, your post is really useful for me. Many thanks ;)
@Stephane, the best is to try without any engagement the 14 days trial period, and see for yourself if Ezoic premium is worth it. Then you can also simply get a monthly subscription and stop it anytime.   Read more

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