Video podcast on YouTube: tips and tricks to get started

A YouTube video podcast is a great way to engage with new customers in a visual way. Either called a videocast or a video podcast, the idea is to create regularly videos about a specific topic and post them on your YouTube channel.

Creating videos, for example by recording Zoom video calls and conversations, is the best way to generate interesting content to include in your podcast.

That way, you'll already have the video file created, along with the audio file, if you want to keep it to an audio podcast. Finally, if your video upload has the language set to the one used in the video, you will be able to download the text transcription of the YouTube video to publish as text.

That way, by creating a video, you will have access to video, audio, and text data of your creation.

  Extract YouTube videos transcript

However, recording your video isn't all you should do to create a great video, videocast or video podcast.

YouTube SEO optimization

In order to get your videos uploaded on YouTube to reach an even larger audience, it is very important to think about the SEO optimization of your videos.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and is how you will be able to get your videos to reach more people that have no idea about your creations, brand or product at all.

If you optimize correctly your YouTube videos for search engines, they will appear in search engine results more often, thus leading to an increased number of clicks from search engine results page to your videos, and ultimately to more views on your creations.

There is no only one way to do YouTube SEO optimization and there are a lot of different tips and tricks.

However, YouTube SEO optimization goes through these steps:

  • Create a great thumbnail that will drive more clicks per impression,
  • Use a title and description that are searched by users and have few competition,
  • Fill in all the advanced video details fields on YouTube upload options,
  • Get you video listed in other playlists,
  • Get your video linked and embedded on other websites.

These easy tricks are a a start, but are not everything, and might seem difficult to understand for newcommers in the online blogging or digital creation area and to promote your brand and products.

  YouTube SEO tips & tricks for digital publishers

Therefore, we asked an expert for her own advices on creating amazing videos on YouTube!

Advices on creating a great YouTube video from Daisy Jing

Understand the good and bad

Being on YouTube means to put yourself out there. Take the good and the bad of social media. Take the good of making content and making a part of your life public but accept the fact that there will always be a bad side of this world (ex. negative comments, people may not support you, copycats). Understand that in life there will always be good and bad.

Collaborate with micro influencers

Because I am an influencer and a YouTuber, I didn't spend much on marketing and ads. Whenever I make content, I don't spend much on decors or pay a lot on big influencers. I collaborate on micro influencers and really spend time engaging with their/our followers. I also didn't spend on ads but did my best to be featured for free by publishers online/offline. I did my best to PR myself and company in the most inexpensive way I can.

Sell your products on your videos

To generate more income, make a YouTube video and use it to sell your products as well. Mini videos are helpful to use as content on Instagram or Facebook too. Repurpose videos for ads, stories, etc

Look for influencers

Through my YouTube channel, I educate my customers about skin issues, other skin care products and any topic about my skin care line. I also look for influencers who can make more videos about my products and at the same time take care of my customers' questions

An interesting thumbnail matters

An interesting thumbnail matters for it drives customers to click the authentic content made by a credible source or reposted from a credible blogger we collaborated with. We make sure that though the thumbnail is a major clickbait, the content is educational, sincere and authentic. The heart and soul of the brand must be seen and everyone's comments should be replied to.

  How to create an eye-catching YouTube thumbnail in Photoshop

Show your real self

Show your real self, be vulnerable and discuss the ugly truth about life and some experiences others might be afraid of sharing. Be the mouthpiece when others are afraid to talk and open up. It is important that when we are vulnerable, we only share what's important and highlights the topic. Do not overshare for it might also cause you some disrespectful comments in the future.

Daisy Jing
Banish Acne Scars

Daisy Jing here, a YouTube vlogger and a soon to be mompreneur who founded and bootstrapped a now multi-million beauty product line named Banish. I have knowledge and experience in business and marketing. My business is ranked #152nd fastest growing company in INC500. I was also included in Forbes 30 under 30 in manufacturing.
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