How to change ownership of a Facebook page

How to change ownership of a Facebook page

Change owner of Facebook page

A page ownership on Facebook can easily be transferred from one Facebook account to another. It is not possible to change the page owner, but switching from one admin to another one does the trick.

In order to do so, another Page Admin has first to be defined for the page, and then the other Admin has to be removed, even when it is oneself.

First, open the Page from the administrator's profile, and find the Settings menu.

There, find the Page Roles menu entry :

How to transfer ownership of a facebook page 2019

Scroll down to the Assign a New Page Role section, and look for the person that has to be added as Admin.

Select the corresponding role, Admin, and click on Add :

There are now 2 admins - the previous and new one, and it is possible to delete the previous one by pressing Edit button, and then Remove button in the options uncovered

Confirm the operation - and it is done ! The new Admin can now administer the page, and the previous admin has no access to it anymore.

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how to make admin in facebook page

How to make someone an admin on facebook group ? The procedure described above is also how do i add an admin to a facebook page, and is the way to make someone admin on facebook page.

Transfer ownership of facebook page

Adding an admin to a facebook page is how to change facebook page owner. When you add an admin to facebook page, it is the way how to add page owner to facebook page.

When you remove admin from facebook page it will change ownership of facebook page, this is how to transfer ownership of facebook business page – or how to change ownership of a facebook page.

How to remove myself as admin from facebook page

To transfer facebook business page ownership, add an admin to facebook page your are an admin of, and then see above how to remove myself as an admin on facebook page. This is only possible after you’ve add new admin to facebook page.

Admin vs moderator facebook

A facebook group moderator can also be defined there. What is a facebook group moderator ? He can send messages from the page in the facebook message manager, manage facebook comments, access facebook ads manager, see which admin created a post or comment, view analytics. An admin is a page owner, he can do everything.

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How to change owner of facebook page

Your admin page facebook basically means the owner, as he all all rights on the page.

To change owner of facebook page, simply add another administrator, and remove the previous one.

This is how to change ownership of facebook page, doing a facebook page change owner by switching admin.

How to add admin to facebook page

See above, a facebook page admin change is the same as a Facebook page owner change.

Add admin to Facebook page as describe above in the page settings, and then remove admin from facebook page for the previous owner.

Transfer a Facebook business page

Transferring ownership of a Facebook business page is very easy, by changing the page administrators. To transfer a Facebook business page, simply add a new administrator, using a page administrator account, and remove the first admin from the Facebook page account.

This is how to remove the Facebook page admin and replace the owner, by adding a new admin, and removing previous administrators from the business page administration, to change the Facebook page ownership.

How to change owner on Facebook page

Open the Facebook page with an administrator account, go to settings > page roles > new page role, add the new owner as an administrator, and remove current owner from page administrator list.

How to find Facebook page owner

It is only possible to find the owner of a Facebook page if the page administrator has enabled the about section of the page, which will display the page administators.

If they haven’t displayed the page owners, then the only way to find the owner of a Facebook page is to contact the business page in question and ask them who is the owner.

How to change admin on Facebook page simply

To change the admin on FaceBook page, add a new admin, and remove the previous one in the page settings > page roles options.

Open the page with the existing admin account, go to the page settings > page roles > assign a new page roles, and add a new admin.

Then, simply change role of the previous admin to anything else than admin – and you will have changed the page owner and page admin.

Facebook Page Admins Can Now Remove Other Admins (Including the Original Page Creator)

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