Benefits Of Massage Therapy Programs In The Workplace

Massage therapy at the workplace? Yes, companies that have made a choice of investing in massage programs can testify it is worth doing so. Improvement in morale, motivation, and even creativity is noticed almost immediately. But how can a company achieve this effectively? Coordinating with Individuals or companies that offer massage services is the best way to go. Depending on companies’ capability or needs, it can be weekly or monthly but it’s a good idea to have it regularly.

How is Corporate massage Done?

If you understand the normal massage then this question could be roaming in your mind. Should a company have massage beds? Do employees stay dressed or what exactly happens? Depending on the contracted massage therapist, the approach may differ. For massage therapists who use a massage chair, it is a very simple process and it is done in an open place. Each employee enjoys approximately 15 minutes with more focus on neck shoulders and head. In some cases, a company may spare a few dim and quiet rooms specifically for massage therapy.

Why should a company invest in a workplace massage program?

Many employees think massage programs benefit them only but employers may be reaping even more benefits. At the initial stages, employers are hesitant to adopt this program since it comes with an extra expense. How this attitude change is a story for another day especially if a drastic fall of absenteeism is recorded.

Here are the top benefits of corporate massage to employers:

Improving staff retention

“Our recently trained employee just resigned. “This is not good news for a company. Hiring a new employee is not a big deal but hiring the right one and training them to fit a job is a messy process. But why do employees leave their jobs? Well, there is a number of reasons to explain this such as lack of trust, low pay, lack of appreciation or even stressing jobs. But another question arises, how can an employer fix all this and yet the employers have to work to keep the company running? Research has shown  Massage Therapy   is one bullet to make the employees feel appreciated, reduce stress, and keep them healthy. This simple strategy can save the company’s resources by reducing employee’s turnover.

Reduce absenteeism at work

A company may invest in all forms of programs to reduce absenteeism such as setting expectations and policies and rewarding good attendance. This is a great way of doing it but unfortunately, it will not work in cases related to strain, stress, injuries, or even boredom. A company that complements  Massage Therapy   with their already set policies tend to do better. An employee may have all passion and drive to have the work done but this can only be done by a healthy individual. With massage therapy, the immune system is boosted keeping away viral related diseases such as the common cold. Fatigue and stress-related eventualities can also be prevented using massage therapy.

Improved Workplace productivity

It goes without saying that a happy, relaxed, healthy, and motivated worker is likely to do a better job than a bored and stressed employee. Corporate  Massage Therapy   is designed to fix those challenges. Fresh minds have a higher problem-solving capability. For a company to grow, employees should be up to the task when it comes to new challenges and they should always think outside the box.  

Sparks Employees Creativity

“You must be smarter than me for you to survive in this company.” This is a common phrase from company Bosses. Any employer would like to work with a staff that always comes up with creative ideas to make the company better. Expecting creative ideas from bored, stressed, annoyed and sick employees is equivalent to looking for a black cat in a dark room.  Massage Therapy   is a cool way to keep employees always happy and aggressive.

Brand appreciation

A company known to treat employees well stand a better place. The best talents will always find ways to work for such a company.  Massage Therapy   does exactly that for a company. No one would dare leave a job that everybody else is willing to take. This is a win to both employees and employers since employees who work in search companies are much respected.

What benefit do employees reap from corporate massage program?

Feeling good physically and emotionally is very important in human life. What workers feel affects the quality of work they have done. Companies have slowly realized the importance of these two factors and that’s why they have adopted corporate massage. Some of the benefits that come with massage programs to employees include:

Improved overall health

The work environment comes with a number of health conditions. Depending on specific activities individuals are involved in, they may have regular headaches, fatigue, back pain, or even depression. If an employee is not concerned about employee’s wellbeing, this may convert to chronic medical conditions.  Massage Therapy   in the workplace is a great way to keep workers away from all these conditions. 

Motivated employees

A motivated employee is always focused and will sacrifice all energy and time towards the success of a company.  Massage Therapy   is known to boost workers' morale as well as attitude. There are several other methods of motivating employees but  Massage Therapy   is the cheapest and very effective.

Motivation is carried out in order to unite the interests of the enterprise and employees. That is, the company needs a quality work done, and the staff needs a decent salary. But this is not the only goal pursued by stimulating employees.

For a massage therapist, this is also very important. Since this is a work with human health, the massage therapist in the workplace must have the right motivation.

Improved concentration

Concentration is critical in the work environment. Lack of concentration translates to low quality work. Employees who regularly deliver low quality work will always be under pressure from their boss. As a result, they feel unwanted and stress starts to pile up. A journey to depression starts this simple. Lack of concentration is a condition that can be treated through the help of a massage therapist. Sometimes poor concentration is caused by lifestyle but the good news is,  Massage Therapy   can solve even lifestyle-related conditions.

Massage Types offered in the workplace

Since workplace massage is meant to achieve maximum relaxation, Deep tissue massage is preferred. Portable tables can be used but for some companies, massage rooms are already equipped with massage beds. Massage beds are used where there is more time. With limited time, seated massage works better. Here a special portable chair is used where an employee sits while the head is rested. The massage therapist then works on shoulders, neck, and hands for about 10 minutes. Since the therapist focus on affected areas, the process is always very effective. 

The take-home about corporate massage

Adopting corporate massage in a company is a brave decision to make. In many cases, companies realize they were missing a fundamental mechanism in a few months. Employee retention and low absenteeism become the norm of the day and a balanced workforce is maintained.

So many forces within the company will always try to thwart  Massage Therapy   programs from being implemented in the company. Lack of knowledge and may be outdated culture is always behind these objections. Corporate massage should be embraced by any company that has the growth and wellbeing of her staff in mind.

Massage Nearby Rapid City, SD Plus - Graceful Touch Massage Therapy
Massage Nearby Rapid City, SD Plus - Graceful Touch Massage Therapy

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