How to Impress Your Co-workers with Your Reports?

How to Impress Your Co-workers with Your Reports?

Each day, you spend many hours with your co-workers at your workplace. Thus, you need to establish a good working relationship with your team. If you fail to do so, your workdays will be dangerously long, and you might even think of finding an alternative place to work.

Hopping from one job to another might not be a solution to work-related problems. But the answer is to find ways of being a good co-worker. Irrespective of your role, you can make your days good and enjoy work. One way to do so is to find a way of establishing an excellent professional working relationship.

One way to avoid office conflicts is to do your best in your job, without discrediting your co-workers. You must keep in mind that you should have a fair share of workload contributions and do your reports as clean as possible.

But what does it take to impress your co-workers with your reports? Read on to find out.

Work Reports and Why You Need To Write Impressive Ones

Work reports refer to formal documents that provide information on work-related topics or various aspects of jobs. In most cases, these reports address specific audiences such as employees, supervisors, managers, and others. As a secretary or a clerk, there are many reports that you will likely be writing regularly. They include the following:

  • Daily reports
  • Sales reports
  • Budget reports
  • Data analysis reports
  • Performance reports
  • Appraisal reports

Given the crucial role these reports play, they need to have good structure and format and make it easy for the intended audience to understand the information you are sharing. Thankfully, you can utilize some tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Excel allows you to use a wide range of functions you could use to emphasize the important details of your report. Features such as the sumif function in excel allow you to sort the report-related data based on given criteria. Thus, allowing you to see a decent connection between data points that you visualize using charts.

Here’s How You Can Write Reports that Impress Your Co-workers

You obviously would not love to be that workmate who is curt or plain cold to others when you write reports. Note that reports are very vital and as a writer, you need to make them interesting. To do so, here are suggestions that you can consider:

a) Take Short Courses from Time to Time to Improve Your Writing Skills

To be a good report writer, you have to improve your writing skills. Most importantly, you have to broaden your knowledge of various professional reports. To do so, you need to take short courses to learn more about report writing. As a report writer, a short course offers you many benefits. By taking it, you enjoy the following:

  • You develop your creative thinking
  • You improve your vocabulary
  • A challenge to organize your ideas and present them well
  • It helps you improve your persuasive skills through writing
  • You rediscover your passion for writing

You will, of course, enjoy many other benefits, such as fun learning and an opportunity to interact with other writers and share ideas, depending on your course. Some of the best courses you can take include various courses in excel, a web design course, career advice courses, and others. Whichever you pursue, the main thing here is to remain up to date with various relevant technologies for writing reports.

b) Always Be Concise and Professional In Your Reports

Good reports should get your points or communication across quickly and concisely. To achieve that as a report writer and impress your co-workers, you need to use simple, professional language. So, avoid being unnecessarily fluffy and wordy in your writings. Let each sentence of your report be informative to your target audience.

Note also that your co-workers perform diverse roles. Some might be good readers, while others might not necessarily be good at it. When passing information through writing, you need to ensure that you reach everyone in a way they will understand without any hassle. That is only possible if you are concise and professional in your reports.

c) Edit Your Reports Thoroughly and Always Proofread Once More Before Sharing

You cannot impress your co-workers if your reports have mistakes and errors that you could avoid by just editing and proofreading your work. Going through your work ensures that you catch errors and relay your information professionally. In addition to that, here are other reasons to edit and proofread your work:

  • Shields you from unwanted embarrassment
  • It ensures that your reports say what you mean
  • Your polished work allows you to create a good impression
  • It shows that you care for your work
  • Improves your chances of promotion

Once you finish writing your report, set aside an hour before proofreading it. Allowing it time allows you to look at your report and proofread it freshly. You can thus identify errors and correct them before sharing your work.

d) Always Structure Your Reports

When you structure your report, you make it easy for your co-workers or any other targeted audience to understand it. So, let your reports have relevant sections depending on the type of report that you are writing. While there can be variations, most professional reports, such as a job description documents, have the following very vital components:

  • Report title
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

If you miss any of these components, you will embarrass yourself, and you risk not getting good feedback. Who reads a disorganized work anyway!

e) Be a Good Team Player

You cannot impress your co-workers if you are a sloth. No one likes working with people who do not want to do their work. That means, no matter your rank in your organization, you always have to play your role and get your work done.

As an active team player, you impress and boost productivity and efficiency in your work with your team. If, for instance, you are in charge of communication, you need to ensure that your team and all those relying on you for information get it on time. Check what needs to be shared and ensure your colleagues get it without unnecessary delays.


Being a report writer is an important role that you need to play well in your organization. To impress your co-workers, you need to be professional and ensure that your work is polished and conveys the necessary message concisely.

The clearer your reports are, the happier your readers will always be when they receive them. So, improve your writing skills and take the necessary courses. Doing so can help you build rapport with your co-workers.

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