Work From Home: How To Make Money Online For Beginners?

One of the easiest way to work from home and make money online without leaving your home office is to monetize online content, by either creating a Wordpress blog and selling display ads, by creating YouTube videos, or to create an online course in which you will share your knowledge in a new way.

Work from home basics

One of the easiest way to work from home and make money online without leaving your home office is to monetize online content, by either creating a Wordpress blog and selling display ads, by creating YouTube videos, or to create an online course in which you will share your knowledge in a new way.

All these different types of content can be monetized with display ads, in which advertisers will pay you money based ads display and ads clicks, with affiliate programs links, in which partners will give you a percentage from the sales they made on visitors you sent them through links on your content, or selling yourself something by creating a dropshipping business or an online shop.

How to make money online for beginners? There are many ways – but in all of them, it starts by creating amazing and useful content

All these solutions will not only let you work from your own home, but will also build you a passive income stream for which you don't even have to work yourself - you can for example use online writing services to create your content. Then, using some of the best recurring affiliate programs, you will build passive income, using only content writing services.

See below a detailed guide to make money online by working from home on your own online business.

How do blogs generate income?

There are several ways make and earn money online for beginners, and anybody can start to monetize a Wordpress blog, to  monetize your website   or other online generated content easily with these techniques:

  • by displaying ads from an Internet advertising agency, where you can expect earnings for a thousand visitors of about 1$ with a Google AdSense account, around 3$ with PropellerAds native ads, or 6$ and more with the Ezoic mediation system and the Ezoic premium program which optimizes better the ads placement from Google AdSense and other partners,
  • by showing ads from a push notification ad network, where you can expect earnings for thousand  push notifications   sent of about $0.3 with SendPulse service, and about $0.5 with PropellerAds native ads,
  • by including links from an affiliate link program such as  Amazon associate OneLink   for physical products,  TravelPayouts affiliate   for travel products, RusVPN service for  choosing a VPN   service, Ezoic mediation system for Internet ads monetization,  WISE virtual bank account   to  transfer money abroad   for cheap,  PayOneer card   to get paid for your new online business,
  • by starting a dropshipping business along with your blog,
  • by creating videos and getting Youtube ads payment,
  • by creative a podcast and getting ads payment,
  • by becoming a social media influencer and promoting other brands on your social channels with platforms such as   that will find for you the brands that are willing to pay for your posts, stories or videos.

This list is not exhaustive, but includes the easiest ways to make money online for beginners with the least prerequisite and technical knowledge.

Low investment business ideas to start online
Make money online: Beginners have to start by creating amazing content and getting a regular audience

See below detailed solutions on how to start a lucrative blog and make money online.

How to make passive income blogging?

First of all, to make passive income blogging, the most important is... to create a blog!

The earlier you start, the more chances you will have to make enough passive income to live off your blog monetization. Therefore, do not wait and creat it as early as possible.

Start by asking yourself what you are passionate about, on which subject you would have knowledge to share on the Internet, and eventually find a niche subject on which you could write.

A niche is a small part of a big subject on which you might have knowledge and specialize yourself, thus having less competition, making it easier to make passive income with your blog.

Starting an online business begins with selecting the  best cheap web hosting   such as the hosting bluehost, EX2 hosting, or the  hosting A2hosting   including a specific domain name for your blog.

An even better solution can be to use  Interserver hosting   and to become an affiliate of their partner program, thus even bringing more income by bringing other people to host their websites on that platform.

How to start an online business on WordPress blogging?

Then, install WordPress on your best cheap web hosting,  move WordPress website to new domain   that you have bought, or  move WordPress from subdomain to root   in case the installation is not on the domain name root folder.

Right after having installed Wordpress, you might want to  switch back to WordPress classic editor   before starting writing genuine articles, as the former classic editor is much better.

Make sure that a WordPress sitemap XML sitelinks will be generated to improve your Search Engine Optimization, and  enable WordPress GZIP compression   to improve the site delivery time to visitors, which will ultimately also help bringing more visitors to the new online business you are just starting now.

Start writing as many articles as possible about your new business topic niche, ideally around one article per day, and eventually create a FaceBook business page to drive more visitors to your website.

You can include your business Facebook page updates in your posts with the FaceBook page widget for WordPress. Don't forget to  invite your friends to like your FaceBook page   to increase your audience,  turn on FaceBook page reviews   and ask them or your future site visitors to leave a positive review.

Your new business can now be monetized with below solutions, all you have to do is write more posts and make the most use of it!

How to earn money by blogging by Google Internet advertising agency?

Now that you have setup your new online blog, it is time to start to monetize Google sites by either registering to one of the most classic Internet advertising agency, Google AdSense, by opening a Google AdSense account and setting up the  Google AdSense payment   settings.

After getting some visitors, you will see in your Google AdSense account that the money from the monetize Google sites process will start piling up. You can expect about 1$ per thousand views earning with AdSense monetize Google sites solution.

To increase your websites earning from display ads, you can either use other Internet advertising agency such as the Ezoic mediation system, which will take your earnings easily up to 6$ per thousand visitors or higher, if you have 10000 visitors per month at least (necessary condition to enter Ezoic platform program) and earnings can even grow further by joining the Ezoic premium program, or use  PropellerAds native ads   to take your earnings up to 3$ per thousand visitors.

Setup the ads from an Internet advertising agency on your website, write more articles, bring more visitors to your website, and earn more money!

Earn more money than Adsense mediation

While using the AdSense mediation is a great and easy way to  monetize your website   with a few clicks, and you can triple your AdSense earnings using Ezoic platform display ads, you can then earn even more money by doing affiliate marketing.

With Ezoic, you will be able to refer your friends to triple their income using Ezoic vs AdSense mediation, and you will earn 3% of anybody that you refer.

For example, by referring a website that will make on average more than US$1500 per day, you will earn yourself a commission of US$50 a day, thus leading you get a very comfortable monthly commission of US$1500.

All you have to do, even if you don’t have a website, is to register for free on the Ezoic platform and get your friends to try their services for free for 14 days, without any credit card required. Try it and see your friends website earning on average 3 times more with Ezoic vs AdSense mediation, and earning yourself a commission on top of the money they make.

What is the best push notification ad network for publishers?

Another solution to make money online is to use a push notification ad network, meaning an Internet advertising agency that will send notifications to your website visitors tu register for push notifications, and that will send ads through these push notifications.

How to make money with Propeller Ads? Implement their push notifications monetization system, or add their links on your website

Registering to these networks is free, and you can expect an average of $0.5 for a thousand push notification ad sent with PropellerAds native ads, or about $0.3 for a thousand push notification ad sent with SendPulse service, both being good easy to implement push notification ad network that will automatically manage all your push notification advertisements on your behalf.

SendPulse service

It is not easy to select a single affiliate link program, as they very much depend on the content of your website.

An affiliate link program will allow you to select links that you will include in your content, and these links will lead to another website that sells this product.

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If the visitor buys the product from the affiliate link program, you get a commission depending on the product and the partner, but usually around a few percent.

However, you can easily find all kind of affiliate products to promote on the  Amazon associate OneLink   program, or on the CJ affiliate link program.

If you want to increase your earnings, a good idea is to register to a more specialized affiliate link program, and promote their exact products.

The best WordPress affiliate programs are:

These are only a few good example of affiliate link program that are paying on time and reliable - there are many more, and some of them might fit perfectly for your specific niche.

Is starting a dropshipping business a good idea?

The idea of starting a dropshipping business is the best way to sell products without having to physically manage any stock.

Basically, you will promote products, manage the sales, but instead of having the products physically in your inventory, you will order them at the producer / distributor, and ask him to deliver them directly to the buyer.

During the process, you will of course take a margin by selling to the end user for a higer price than the one proposed by the distributor.

To do so, there are several ways, the easiest being to install a PrestaShop online shop, and link it to your WordPress: grab visitors by writing great articles about your products sold on your PrestaShop online shop, that they will buy directly from you, and distribute them via a Shopify module connection, starting a dropshipping business can be easy!

To do so, start by installing PrestaShop on your  best cheap web hosting   such as the hosting bluehost, EX2 hosting, or the  hosting A2hosting   including a specific domain name for your online shop, or a subdomain if your domain is already occupied by your blog.

Then,  change the PrestaShop base URL   to match the installation folder, and make sure to setup a  PrestaShop SEO friendly URL   for the products you will add.

Find the Shopify module, install the PrestaShop module manually, register for the Shopify module, and find corresponding products.

A good way to sell more, is to put higher standard price, and create discount in PrestaShop to attract more buyers.

Finally, don't forget to track all this activity by installing the PrestaShop Google Analytics tracking module, and make money online with both a WordPress blog and a PrestaShop online shop!

How much ad revenue does Youtube make?

The Youtube ads payment is one of the lowest rate you can get per view when you make money online as they are as low as about $1000 per one million video views, and creating one video takes professional youtubers an average of three weeks.

How much ad revenue does Youtube make? $1 per 1000 video views
Vilebrequin Youtube channel

This leads Youtubers to earn actually very few from the ads themselves – they make money online with affiliate programs and products placement more than Youtube ads payment which are pretty low, only a little more than 100€ per 200000 video views.

For example, this Youtuber in the automotive industry could increase his revenues by sharing affiliate links related to its industry, such as the  carVertical affiliate   program that allows to check used cars status based on their VIN number, instead on realying only on YouTube video income.

Making money from Youtube ads payment is pretty difficult, and takes a lot of hard work, talent, and investment, as you will need a lot of quality expensive material to be able to create videos that have a level good enough to attract millions of viewers, not mentioning that the competition is pretty tough on Youtube. Your best chance is finding a niche and sticking to it.

Can You Still Make Money on YouTube?

Another way to increaase money with the videos you’ve created, is to upload them on other video hosting platforms. For example, self-hosting videos on your website will allow them to appear on video search results in search engines, and they’ll be equally competing with videos on YouTube for that search. Otherwise, you’d have to be first on result from YouTube to appear in video search results!

Self host your videos for free and get increased earnings with Ezoic Video Player

How to get paid for a podcast / podcasting?

Another great solution to make money online is to start your own videocast, also called video podcast, or your own podcast, in which you record yourself talking, eventually do an audio or video montage to improve the final quality, and include different sounds or video clip, and eventually invite guest speakers to talk about subjects that might interest other people.

The platform among other will pay you up to $15 per thousand listeners of your podcast episodes, which can also grow to a nice source of income if you get enough followers and are consistent enough with your podcasts.

My podcast International Consulting on

How to become a social media influencer and make money?

If you manage to grow your social media accounts with a substantial amount of followers, such as more than 10000 on Instagram or on YouTube, you will become what is called an Instagrammer, Instagram influencer, Youtube influencer or Youtuber, and will be able to monetize mentions of brands in your posts, stories or videos, or can get paid to review products that will be sent out by brands.

The best way to find these brands is to register to online influencer marketing platforms such as   or   that will help you finding brands that are willing to pay influencers to support them in their online digital marketing campaigns.

To give you a general idea, as it of course depends on your exact amount of followers, their type and relevance to the brand, and the engagement you get, you can for example sell a product review story for $500 if you have a million active followers in Western countries between the age of 20 and 30 years old – but of course, that is only a general idea.

The more active and relevant followers you get, the more the brands will be willing to pay for your compaigns.

In order to increase your revenue that way, consider digital  Affiliate Marketing   income, as getting recurring income might then allow you to earn money simply by having referring other people to work as ambassadors for the brand, and earn a small percentage of their earnings.

Become a successful online business owner

By following any of these previous tips, which always include a lot of work before making your first dollar, you will however be able to become a successful online business owner by putting all your efforts into your new digital venture.

On average, as it is the case with any business, it takes a year of losses putting in your time and your investments, a year of income growth, and on third year you might start to make more money than you actually spend to get your business afloat!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some beginner-friendly strategies for earning money online from home, suitable for those just starting out?
Beginners can explore various online income streams such as freelance writing, graphic design, or virtual assistance on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr; starting a blog or YouTube channel and monetizing it through ads and sponsorships; selling products on e-commerce platforms like Etsy or Shopify; participating in affiliate marketing; or completing online surveys and tasks on sites like Amazon Mechanical Turk. Success in making money online requires choosing a niche, consistently delivering quality work, and gradually building a portfolio or audience.

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Transform your digital presence with our comprehensive Website Creation course – start your journey to becoming a web expert today!

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