Best Ways to Create a 360 House Tour

Best Ways to Create a 360 House Tour

If you've ever wanted to see a home from a completely new perspective, you've probably heard about the 360 house Tour. But what is a 360 house tour? Essentially, it's a 3D walkthrough of a property. The same technology is being used for virtual tours in other industries, such as real estate and tourism. 360 house tours can be shared online and distributed via QR code. Some are even linked to in your email signature.

3D Walkthrough

The best way to showcase your home in the best possible light is to create a 360 house tour 3D walkthrough. These virtual tours are available 24 hours a day, on any device. Just like a virtual road map, you can view your home from any angle, anytime. The best part? You can share them with friends and family. To view a 360 house tour 3D walkthrough, all you need is a modern computer and a headset or Virtual Reality headset.

Virtual Tour

Before you can create a virtual 360 house tour, you need to know how to take the photos you need. First, determine the settings of your camera. Next, find the right spot in every room to set up your tripod. Then, start the virtual tour by taking several shots. Make sure to check each image before moving the tripod. If necessary, take several more shots. However, you shouldn't take too many pictures, since you'll have to stitch them together to make one seamless tour.

Lumina Homes

With the advent of digital technology, almost every aspect of modern life has been transformed, from travel and work to shopping and entertainment. The ability to store and transfer large amounts of information instantly is one of the most unique features of digital technology. With the help of 360-degree house model virtual tours, Lumina Homes is setting the bar for modern real estate. Using the Lumina Homes Online system, buyers can easily reserve units with the help of a credit card or any other method of payment.


When you have an upscale property to sell, a 360 house tour is important to attract the attention of buyers. Panopedia makes creating 360 virtual tours as easy as possible and offers a free trial and paid account options. The site's 360 panoramas support floor plans and hotspots. It also offers a variety of customization options, including uploading custom watermarks. It's easy to see why Panopedia is gaining popularity among real estate professionals.

RICOH360 Tours

Ricoh360 house tours allow you to showcase your home to potential buyers in just a few easy steps. The software works with a Ricoh 360 camera and an Android or iOS smartphone. It also includes an analytics dashboard for determining how many visitors have viewed the virtual tour. Once you have completed the tour, you will be able to view the results and verify that the software is worth the investment. To get started, download the free trial version.

Xiaomi Mi Sphere

The Xiaomi Mi Sphere is a low-cost, high-quality 360 camera that shoots amazing, 24 megapixel images. It also has various modes and features, including panorama, time-lapse, and slow motion. If you're a fan of the Mi brand, the camera is a good option. It takes a picture of any object with a touch of a button, and there's no need to manually stitch images together.


You can take virtual tours of your listings with the Immoviewer 360 house tour app. The app is compatible with several 360-degree cameras, including the Ricoh Theta. The app also offers live view for Ricoh Theta cameras. It also offers a variety of useful features, such as custom names for your tours. You can also upload your tours to your immoviewer manager, or even make them available offline. Then, you can share them online with the use of social media.

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