International Move – The Steps to Prepare

Moving abroad is not easy. It is a long and complex process that requires a great deal of planning. However, it is all worth it in the end. There is nothing like being exposed to a different culture, food, and language. You will be glad to have made the decision.

To help you with international relocation‌, we have prepared the ultimate post. It shares the steps you need to follow to prepare for your big move. Instead of stressing about it, there are certain steps that you can take for the best experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in.

1. Select an International Moving Company

The first thing that you need to do is choose an international moving company. Pick a company that deals with overseas moves. It will ensure that you start things on the right foot.

The fact is that overseas shipments are more complex, and not every moving company is equipped to handle international clients. Similarly, not every international moving company offers moving services to all countries in the world. Therefore, you need to search for moving companies that cater to moves to the desired country.

Now, you will need to begin your search early so that you can find the right company within the short amount of time that you have. Otherwise, you would end up jumping the gun, which you would only come to regret later.

2. Save Money

The next thing that you need to do is start saving money. International moves can be quite expensive, especially if you plan to move to the other side of the world. It is common for an international move to cost you up to $10,000. But, the exact cost of the move can be less or more depending on whether you use air freight or sea freight.

As air freight costs a lot more money, you should opt for sea freight. It will help cut down costs and ensure that you have money left once the move is complete.

If you do not have enough money saved, you can opt for a moving loan to help finance your relocation. It is also possible that your company might pay for the relocation costs. It is a good idea to contact HR to find out if the company has a relocation reimbursement policy.

3. Get Your Documents in Order

The next in our list of packing tips‌ is to get your document in order.

A crucial step that you have to follow is getting your documents in order well before the move. Whether you want to immigrate for good, apply for a work visa, or study abroad, there is plenty of paperwork involved. Here are some of the documents that you will need.

  • Passport: A passport is necessary for traveling outside the country. Make sure that it is valid. If you are moving with your kids, they would also need to have a passport‌. Since it takes up to 14 weeks to get your passport delivered, you need to apply for it immediately.
  • Visa: If you want to study abroad, you will need a student visa. On the other hand, if you want to work in another, you will need a work visa for that. If you enter the destination country with the wrong visa, it could land you in trouble. Therefore, you must conduct research and apply for the right visa‌ from the country’s consulate or embassy. It might even require you to fly to another state.
  • Other Documents: You will also need to take your birth certificate, child custody papers, marriage certificate, driver’s license, financial records, school records, insurance card, and social security card.

4. Inform Relevant Government Agencies

When you move to another country, you need to get used to intense scrutiny from the government of the new country as well as your home government. Hence, it is advised that you inform the relevant government agencies before your move even if you plan to stay for just a year. The following are some of the government agencies in the US that you have to notify.

  • The Federal Voting Assistance Program
  • The DMV of your State
  • The IRS
  • The Social Security Administration
  • The US Postal Service

In addition to the above, it is important that you learn about the nearest consulate or embassy in the destination country and let them know about your residence. Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to keep the government in the know. You will also have to notify your landlord, your utility providers, your employer, and any other agency that would be affected by the move.

5. Prepare the Travel Schedule

Start planning your journey once you decide to move abroad. There is no need to wait. Here are some things that you need to do for a smooth trip.

  • Book the flight.
  • Plan the trip from the airport to your new home.
  • Book your Airbnb or hotel if needed.

Go through the map of the destination city to know what to expect.

Keep in mind that not every country has the same infrastructure and transport options. For instance, Singapore has much better transportation than a country like India or Bangladesh.

6. Pack for the Move

After having done most of the work, you need to finally pack for the move. Packing for an overseas move requires you to downsize. Besides, it is never too early to pack for an international move.

The last thing you want is to pack in a hurry and leave out your favorite belongings in your home country. Start by packing things like family heirlooms, important records, Personalized Jewelry‌, and books. You must pack everything more carefully as your belongings would travel thousands of miles. Therefore, it makes sense to use extra bubble and foam wraps. Make sure to sell, donate, or recycle items that are not important.

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Get Ready for A Hassle-free International Move

Now that you know the steps to prepare for an international move, you have nothing to stress about. It is best that you get your family members or friends involved and get them to help you out. Always remember that it takes a village to move abroad.

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