Linkedin: Actively Seeking Employment Setting Explained

If you are looking for new opportunities, or want to know how to hide LinkedIn profile, there a specific setting for that in LinkedIn, which will either show your profile or hide it from recruiters, letting them see your profile in their search results, or  hide your profile   from them.

First of all, after logging in on LinkedIn, open the options menu by clicking on your profile picture, which will show all the menus.

There, select the settings and privacy menu, where we will be able to find the options to change LinkedIn open to recruiters or not.

Then, in the settings and privacy, find the menu called privacy, and open it.

And here it is, the let recruiters know you're open to opportunities menu. Let's go inside to see the specific settings offered to us.

Actively seeking new opportunities LinkedIn

Here, there is a radio button which will control if your profile is shared with recruiters or not. If you are seeking opportunities, move it to yes. Also, there can you hide your LinkedIn profile from recruiters by moving the option to no.

How to get recruiters to look at your LinkedIn profile

If you have decided to be actively seeking new opportunities, it is interesting to got in the update career interests section.

By filling all these fields, you will not only show recruiters that you are actively looking, you will also give them important information to get to you with the right job offers.

Fill in a note to recruiters saying what you ideally want, and where are you in your job search at the moment, for example actively applying, or simply being open to possible opportunities.

Giving more details to recruiters will also help headhunters and recruiters contacting you directly, as they might find that your profile perfectly fits one of their jobs oppening.

Give locations in which you'd like to be working, which can be countries, or city area.

Also, show them the type of work you are looking for, as needs are very different for a full time, contract, part time, internship, remote or volunteer work.

All these kind of opportunities have active recruiters looking for people to hire, therefore do not hesitate to give as much details as possible, and make sure they are accurate to get a matching opportunity faster.

Finally, the last details on your job interests are the industries you'd like to be working in, and the company size you feel most comfortable joining.

The industries can also be the ones in which you have experience, and could be directly ready to be hired.

The company size is important, as looking for a specialist for a multinational is not the same as looking for a jack of all trades in a startup.

Afterwards, a confirmation email will be sent out to you, confirming that you are letting recruiters know you are open to new opportunities.

Another way to access the currently seeking new opportunities settings, and letting recruiters know if you are open to new opportunities or not, is to access the career interests link, directly on the dashboard.

How to hide your LinkedIn profile

If you are not open to new opportunities and want to  hide your profile   from recruiters, and also make sure your company won't find out that you are looking for a job, go to the privacy settings as explained above.

There, simply turn the option actively seeking new opportunities from yes to no, and your profile will be directly hidden from recruiters.

After doing this change, and email will be sent out to your mailbox, confirming that the settings change have been correctly applied, and that your profile is no longer shared with recruiters.

Linkedin casually looking vs actively applying, what’s the difference?

The difference between the LinkedIn casually looking vs actively applying setting is that casually looking usually mean that you are not directly available, and do not need a new job in the coming days or weeks. However, if you are actively applying, it means that you are eager to change your job or get a new one as soon as possible, and is a strong signal for recruiters that you are quickly available.

LinkedIn casually looking vs actively applying: give a strong signal to recruiters about your immediate availability for a potential new position

If you are actively applying, you might also want to enlarge your search to other job search engines such as   that will allow you to find opportunities in the area of your choice, as it is available in most countries.

When actively seeking new job opportunities it is a good strategy to look for a job everywhere possible, including the LinkedIn platform and other job search engines, are not all jobs are available everywhere, and you might miss your dream job by only actively applying LinkedIn job offers only.

Being actively seeking employment might seem difficult at first, but with the right customized training and the correct skills on your CV, actively seeking opportunities might get you results faster than expected – however, expect your search to take anywhere between a few weeks and a few months to find the perfect career path.

LinkedIn actively seeking employment setting

To let LinkedIn know that you're actively seeking employment, go to the settings, and open the let recruiters know you're open to opportunities page.

There, activate the option share that you're open and appear in recruiters searched matching your career interests.

Changing this LinkedIn setting will show that you're actively setting employment to the recruiters - or not, if you deactivate the option.

LinkedIn actively seeking employment setting page

Did you know that it is possible to let recruiters find you on LinkedIn, by updating your LinkedIn job seeking preferences?

After you’ll have let recruiters know you’re open LinkedIn to new opportunities, they will be more able to find you and propose your jobs that might suit your needs.

The LinkedIn let recruiters know you’re open process is pretty easy, as all you have to do is click on your profile picture in the top right corner, click on settings, navigate down to the job seeking preferences, and update the LinkedIn let recruiters know you’re open to new opportunities settings accordingly, depending to your needs.

The full power of the  LinkedIn seeking job   options will then be offered to you, as all recruiters will be able to offer you jobs and see that you are on LinkedIn seeking job.

If you are already employed, do not forget that doing the LinkedIn let recruiters know manipulation will also somehow allow your employers to see that you are looking for another job, even if it might not be so easy for him.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can LinkedIn users leverage the Actively Seeking Employment setting to enhance their job search without alerting their current employer?
The Actively Seeking Employment setting, found under the Privacy tab of LinkedIn settings, allows users to signal to recruiters that they're open to job opportunities discreetly. It includes options to limit visibility of this status to recruiters only, minimizing the risk of current employers discovering the job search.

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