Ivacy VPN Review

VPN usage has grown significantly over the years. It is estimated that a quarter of all internet users today have  a VPN‌  installed. In the early days,  VPNs‌  would only be used to unblock restricted websites but today they have become an essential part of daily internet usage because of the growing rates of cybercrimes around the world.

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Picking the right VPN

The rise in demand has brought an increased supply too. However, not every VPN can be trusted. With data becoming so valuable, users may find that these programs are collecting personal information like data logs which might end up in the wrong hands. Some free  VPNs‌  also don’t offer services as promised as they apply restrictions on bandwidth, speed and other features of the service on a constant basis.

Research before installing  a VPN‌  therefore becomes imperative. One of the top  VPNs‌  which have garnered customer trust and high ratings over the years is  Ivacy VPN‌  but why? That is the question we are going to answer today;

Zero logging policy

One of the best features that Ivacy offers is a strict zero logging policy. Other VPN services boost similar features but some clauses in the privacy agreement allow them to store some personal information about users.  Ivacy VPN‌  has been vetted by various reviewers and it does provide a strict no logs policy with no hidden policies. The only thing that Ivacy does store is the email address and nothing else.

Encryption protocols

Ivacy offers state of the art AES 256-bit encryption protocols which are among the highest levels commercially available so far. Encryption ensures that even if a hacker or other entity may breach your IP cloak, and thus can’t get access to data being sent over the connection because they are unable to break through the sophisticated encryption protocols implemented.


The breadth of services which  a VPN‌  offers has a lot to do with the amount of secure servers that it offers and the spread of these servers.  Ivacy VPN‌  has more than 1000 servers spread in 100 locations across 55 countries. This means that users can even access blocked websites in countries where the internet is heavily censored like China or Middle Eastern states for instance.

Unrestricted streaming anytime, anywhere

Worried that Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer or HBO Go won’t be accessible in the country you are travelling or that the complete library is not available in the nation where you are signing up from? Ivacy takes care of this issue for you with its comprehensive coverage through an extensive spread of servers along with unlimited bandwidth and no ISP throttling.

Malware protection

Cybercriminals and their tactics continue to evolve on a daily basis. Malware is one way in which they infect target systems and this category alone includes a wide variety of bugs, viruses and other harmful agents. Ivacy works as anti-malware, detecting unauthorized intrusions and alerting users to the potential presence of malicious elements nearby.

Support for all platforms

From iOS to Android, from Mac to Windows, from PS4 to Xbox, and a lot a more, Ivacy provides dedicated applications for download on almost every platform. There are specific applications for Linux, Blackberry, Raspberry Pi, Kodi and a number of smart TV as well as internet modems so that users can install  Ivacy VPN‌  directly onto these devices and enjoy internet freedom as well as security at the same time.

Final word

Ivacy has a host of other features as well including smart controls for the type of activity for which the program is to be used, the ability to pick the best speed servers in a particular location without disturbing user activity, split tunneling, an internet kill switch, affordable pricing and a lot more. Together, these options make  Ivacy VPN‌  one of the best picks when it comes to buying  a VPN.‌ 

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