What is a control system and its applications?

What is a control system and its applications?

The general meaning of control is to regulate, direct or command. The meaning of control system is that it regulates, directs or commands itself or other systems attached to it in a physical system. electronically controlled pressure regulator is often used in controlling the pressure of air by using electricity. It is an important part of a big system. The system can be physical, ecological or biological. Lets understand it with the help of daily life examples.

  • When a child flies a kite, he tries to control the kite with the help of a string, the child,string and kite with air is a whole system.
  • A lamp is a system, there is an on and off command which can cutoff or on supply. A lamp has a switch, bulb and command. This whole system is called a control system.

The main purpose of control system is

  • to reduce the error between actual and desired output
  • to reduce the response time as the load or output changes in a system so it behaves according to it.

A control system directs or commands a system using control loops. These control loops are designed to maintain a process variable at desired set point.

In simpler words, a system which controls another system is called a control system. A human is progressing day by day , this is an age of automation. The demand for automation is growing day by day. Automation needs a control system for interaction between their devices. An electronic pressure regulator is a valve which is often used in big applications for controlling purposes.

Features of Good Control System


Accuracy is used in measuring the tolerance of instruments. It is defined as the limit of errors considerable when the instrument is being used in operating condition. Accuracy matters most in a good control system. An accuracy is improved by using feedback elements. Error detector is used to increase the accuracy of control system


Sensitivity is defined as the parameters of a control system that are constantly changing in response to external and internal disturbances.A good control system should be insensitive to all other changes except input. It should show only responses with change in input, not other factors. An electronic pressure regulator is a controlling part of a system which controls the fluid flow.

Control System Applications

Control systems can be used to monitor and control various systems in practical life. Applications of control system include the following:

Manufacturing Processes

Control systems are widely used in automating and optimizing production processes in factories, mills and other manufacturing.

Building and Home Automation

Control systems are used in automating various building and home systems such as lighting , heating ,air conditioning and security systems.

Power generation

Power generation and distribution: Power generating and distribution systems, such as power plants and electric grids, are monitored and controlled by control systems.

Medical Equipments

Control systems automate and control a wide range of medical equipment, including dialysis machines, ventilators, and X-ray machines.

Transportation System

Control systems are used to automate and control different parts of transportation systems, including traffic control systems, railway signaling systems, and airplane autopilot systems.

In Agriculture and farming process

Control systems are used to automate and improve various farming and agricultural activities such as irrigation, fertilization, and crop harvesting.

Military and defense system

Various defense systems like missile defense systems, drone and radar systems use control systems to automate and control their systems.


Control systems are used in robots designing and used in determining and controlling their behavior.

Finally, control systems are critical in modern technology, guaranteeing stability, efficiency, and reliability across multiple domains. These systems make it easier to regulate and manipulate operations ranging from industrial automation to aircraft navigation and robotics. Control systems use feedback mechanisms to make real-time modifications to maintain desired outputs and respond to changing conditions.

An electronic pressure regulator is used in the control process for controlling the flow of fluid.

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