Export OutLook contacts to CSV

Wondering how to export all email addresses from the email database in Microsoft OutLook, in order for example to import them in Gmail, or find matches in LinkedIn ?

How to export emails from OutLook

Wondering how to export all email addresses from the email database in Microsoft OutLook, in order for example to import them in Gmail, or find matches in LinkedIn ?

Microsoft OutLook

Export email addresses from OutLook

It is pretty simple. Start by opening the FILE menu:

There, in the Open & Export section, open the Import/Export menu:

Select Export to a file:

Then select Comma Separated Values:

How to export folders from OutLook

Here, selected one folder from where the email addresses will be retrieved - for example the Sent Items folder will contain email addresses of all recipients ever contacted with the mailbox.

Select a destination folder for the output file.

Select the Export action, and enter the Map Custom Fields menu - this in order to create a clean file containing only email addresses.

Here, on the right side box, keep only the fields which are interesting, in this case the To and CC email addresses from the emails found in Sent Items folder.

The Import and Export Progress will show the advancement, as the operation might take some time depending on the amount of emails.

Export email folder from OutLook

And that's it ! Now, as the result file might contain a lot of unwanted characters (for example Lotus Notes domain names, registered names, ...), do not hesitate to use Notepad++ how to extract email addresses from a file in order to obtain a cleaner file that you can then import in another tool.

Export OutLook emails to Gmail

To export OutLook emails to Gmail, you must setup your local OutLook to access your Gmail account, and move the emails from an OutLook folder to a Gmail folder:

  • set a Gmail account in the Outlook program,
  • select emails to export from Outlook to Gmail,
  • right click on the selected emails > move > other folder,
  • find the Gmail account in the moving window, and click OK.

Once the folder from Outlook has been copied to the folder from Gmail, the emails from Outlook will have been exported to Gmail, and you’ll be able to find them in your Gmail account.

How to export contacts from Outlook to Gmail?

To import your Outlook contacts in Gmail, you most likely don’t have to export contacts from Outlook, depending on your email address.

If you are using a Microsoft email address, you can simply use the Gmail built-in contact import function in settings > accounts and import > import mail and contacts.

If you are not using an email address that can be access directly from Gmail, the best solution to export contacts from Outlook to Gmail is to open the Outlook menu file > open and export > import/export > export to a file > comma separated values > select contacts.

Then, go to your Google Gmail contacts, and select import > select from file, and import the CSV file that has been exported from Outlook.*

That’s all, you have successfully exported contacts from Outlook to Gmail and can now access them from your Gmail account!

Google Gmail contacts

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