How do I delete my Facebook account

Permanently deleting a facebook personal account is an easy operation. In short, go to Settings > Your Facebook information > Delete your account and information > Delete account, and follow the instructions.

How do I delete Facebook

Permanently deleting a facebook personal account is an easy operation.

In short, go to Settings > Your Facebook information > Delete your account and information > Delete account, and follow the instructions.

In detail, see below walkthrough with detailed explanations and screenshots.

How to delete Facebook account

After having logged in on the account to be deleted, open the Settings from the top right arrow, which displays all available menus.

Facebook login page

How to delete facebook account permanently

There, go to the menu Your Facebook Information, which offers the options to view your information, download them, but also to review all your past activities in the activity log, and manage these information. Finally, it offers a link to delete your account and information, accessible by clicking the View link.

How to terminate your facebook account

From there, there is an option to deactivate the account and keep Messenger active, in case you want to keep chatting with your connections, but do not want a Facebook account anymore.

It is again possible to download all information before deleting the account.

How do i cancel my facebook account for good

A popup will open and ask to enter the password again, by security - meaning it is not possible to delete a Facebook account without the account password, in case somebody would like to play a prank.

How to fully delete facebook account

After the password has been successfully entered, a last popup will ask for a confirmation of the action. It also explains that the deletion will deactivate the account for 14 days, during which it will still be possible to reactivate the account. After these 14 days, the account will not ever be accessible again, nor the data that were related to that account.

After that, a message will remind that the account is scheduled for deletion, and will only be deactivated for 14 days - after what it will be permanently deleted, without any way to get it back.

How can i delete my facebook account permanently

A bit later, Facebook will send an message to the email associated with the account scheduled to delete fb. This email will remind about the 14 days deadline to get back to the account before it is deleted forever, without any way to get back any of the data associated.

How to delete facebook account permanently immediately

It is not possible to delete all data related to the account immediately. However, by following above steps, the account will be right away deactivated, and no info will be accessible from the outside anymore. The deletion of the data will happen 14 days after that.

How to delete facebook account in mobile

On mobile devices, the procedure is a little different to access the account deletion option.

On the mobile application, open the quick links in the top right menu, with the 3 lines symbol.

There, scroll down to Settings & Privacy, and open the menu.

Under this menu, open the settings.

Scroll down to the Your Facebook Information section, and open the Account Ownership and Control menu.

How to delete facebook account on phone

Here, open the Deactivation and Deletion menu.

You can now choose to either deactivate your account temporarily, or delete the facebook account permanently.

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How can i delete my Facebook account immediately?

In order to delete Facebook account immediately, go to settings > your Facebook information > view link > delete account > enter password > continue > delete account.

This is how to delete my Facebook account immediately, with an option to reactivate it within 14 days by logging in again.

In any case, meanwhile, the account will be publicly deleted, and it will be fully deleted after the 14 day period.

Terminate the Facebook account permanently necessitates to follow these steps, and wait for the 14 days period to be over. It will cancel Facebook account immediately, but the procedure to delete Facebook account includes a quarantine period, during which the FB account is permanently deleted, but the operation can be canceled in case it was a mistake.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for permanently deleting a Facebook account, ensuring all personal data is removed from the platform for users wishing to discontinue their presence?
To permanently delete a Facebook account, users must navigate to the Settings & Privacy > Settings > Your Facebook Information > Deactivation and Deletion. Select Permanently Delete Account, confirm the action, and understand that this process is irreversible, removing all content and information associated with the account.

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