How to turn off autoplay on Facebook

Facebook disable autoplay

The very annoying new feature of Facebook automatically playing videos can be easily turned off. To stop Facebook autoplay, go to Settings > videos > auto-play videos > change default for off.

This small menu settings option is how to stop videos from automatically playing on Facebook, and can be changed anytime, both on mobile and on desktop.

See below in detail how to perform this operation.

Turn off autoplay Facebook

When videos are played automatically, which is now the case be default for all Facebook accounts, and you want to turn off autoplay on Facebook, start by opening the Facebook menu, by clicking the top right arrow icon on desktop version.

From there, select the settings, which is usually at the bottom of the menu list, just before the Facebook log out option.

Now, the options for videos in the news feed, can be found at the end of the right hand list, which contains all kind of menu options. This menu is simply called videos.

How to stop autoplay video on Facebook

From the video menu, next to the auto-play videos option, there is a drop down menu in which it is possible to stop autoplay videos on Facebook, simply be switching from default to off.

Now, back in the news feed, the Facebook video autoplay has been disabled. Facebook videos won't play by themselves when displayed, but will show an arrow icon on top of the videos, and will not be loaded or played before you push yourself the play button.

Facebook video quality poor

If video quality is poor on Facebook, provided that you have a good Internet connection and have no issue browsing Internet or accessing websites, simply go to settings > videos > video default quality > HD if available.

Now, the videos will play in high definition whenever possible.

If you want to save bandwidth while playing videos on Facebook, in that same menu, select Slow definition only to save some precious bytes.

Videos won't play on Facebook

When Facebook videos won't play, go to settings > videos > video default quality > select SD only.

If you experience Facebook videos not playing in the app or on web browser, it is most likely due to the fact that videos are being played in high definition, but the connection is too bad or the video had a problem.

Suddenly, videos aren't playing on Facebook. Nothing has been changed. What's the problem

How to mute a video on iPhone in Facebook

To mute Facebook videos by default on mobile, open the settings by tapping on the three lines icon > media and contacts > videos in new feed start with sound.

Turn off the option videos in news feed start with sound, and the videos will start muted by default when they are playing, either with auto play or with manual start.

How to Turn Off Auto-Playing Sound for Facebook Videos on Android & iPhone

No sound on Facebook videos

When sound is not working on Facebook videos, after having checked that phone or computer sound is on, and sound in the Facebook video has been set, go to the settings > media and contacts > switch sounds back on.

Switching to the Sound of Silence for Facebook Videos

Turn off Facebook sounds

To turn off all Facebook sounds without having to mute your phone or turn off your laptop speakers, open the settings by tapping on the three lines icon > media and contacts > switch sounds in the app off.

How to turn off autoplay on YouTube

Turning off autoplay on YouTube is really simple. On the YouTube website, after having started to play a video, simply switch off the auto play option on the right side of the screen, next to the video and below the advertisement.

Like on mobile version, it is possible on desktop that the auto play option is right below the video, in case the video playing space takes up the whole width of the window.

Joueur Du Grenier (attic gamer) Youtube channel
How to turn off YouTube's new autoplay feature

Chrome disable autoplay

It is very easy to disable video autoplay in Chrome on Android devices.

In the Chrome web browser, go to settings > site settings > media > autoplay, and turn the autoplay option to block to disabe autoplay in Chrome browser.

How to Disable Autoplay Videos on Sites in Google Chrome (Updated)

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