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How to add a new domain in cPanel

Adding a new domain in cPanel is pretty easy, in Addon Domains > Create an Addon domain.

When having a website hosting at one provided, and a  domain name‌  registered at another provider – for example or – it is necessary to add the  domain name‌  to the list of Addon Domains (or external domains), in order to have requests from that URL addressed to defined hosting.

Gandi domain name registrar
GoDaddy domain name registrar

In below example,  domain name‌ have been registered at, while web hosting is provided by the excellent ex2 hosting.

EX2 Web hosting

How to add new domain in cPanel

In the cPanel administration interface, open the Addon Domains menu. There, fill in the new domain name, subdomain, and document root - for example, all with the name of the domain to add, like

And that's all ! The new addon domain should now appear in the list, and it can there be modified if necessary.

Simply test it by creating a web page, for example an index.html, with a link to a target website, upload it via FTP with FileZilla or another FTP client, like below for

What is an external domain

An external domain is a  domain name‌  that is not managed by the same registrar than the website hosting service.

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