How to find website domain authority?

The domain authority is a score between 0 and 100 given to websites, 0 being the lowest possible score, and 100 to highest one, that represents the overall activity and engagement to the website compared to the whole Internet competition.

What is domain authority?

The domain authority is a score between 0 and 100 given to websites, 0 being the lowest possible score, and 100 to highest one, that represents the overall activity and engagement to the website compared to the whole Internet competition.

There are many different ways to find website domain authority and different manners to measure it, and the main actors are not telling how they measure it.

However, in general, it ranks domains based on the domain name age, the content engagement with audience, the number of backlinks to that website, and other criteria that are kept secret.

Does domain authority matters?

In general, the domain authority doesn't really matter - you can have a successful website with a low domain authority, even being able to  make money online ‌  that way.

However, it might matter when discussing with other people that do not know your website at all. The easiest way for them to understand how you website ranks against another one, is either to find website domain authority by using ‌  service, to check the domain rating on ‌  or to check the  Alexa ranking ‌  and compare it with another website.

find website domain authority
find website domain authority

The higher the value you have, and the bigger the difference with the other site being compared, the more chances you will have to negotiate in favor of your own site.

Which domain authority should I use?

As there are several measurements of domain authority, which are mainly being  Alexa ranking ‌  that only measures the top 20 million websites, or the ‌  that only offers a few checks a day, or the ‌  that asks every few checks to validate a captcha.

It is really up to you to select which score you want to use to compare sites between each other, each value being measured against different criteria.

However, all of them generally give the same result, in the sense that a site that has a higher score on one of them, also has a higher score on another scale from another domain authority checker service.

How to find website domain authority?

To find website domain authority the best way is to go to ‌  website, and enter your domain name in the corresponding field.

The domain authority will be displayed after a short checking time, along with other values: number of linking root domains, ranking keywords, and spam score.

What is domain authority?

The domain authority is the overall score that allows to compare the website against an other one, taking in consideration all different criteria measured by them.

What are linking root domains?

The number of linking root domains displayed represents the number of external websites that have one or more links to your website. The higher the number, the better the domain authority.

What are ranking keywords?

The number of ranking keywords represent the number of set of words that are being indexed by search engines, and for which the website will be taken in consideration whenever someone search for these exact keywords.

What is the spam score?

The spam score is a percentage that represents the number of similar sites that are banned by Google because they are spammy. The higher the score, the more you should check if your site content really is unique, as it has probably been used somewhere else.

However, that doesn't mean that your site is bad - simply that some bad sites are existing with very similar content to your.

What is a negative spam score?

A negative spam score most likely mean that your site is not spammy at all, and even better, that no site at all is like it.

pic-find-website-domain-authority1.png Website domain authority negative on

How to increase page authority?

There are several ways to do so, and not all of them are sure to work. The one best way to increase your domain authority always is to make sure that you have quality content, that it is well organized, and that it respects all web standards, such as using alternative text for images, using headers correctly, and having the right meta tags for example.

Another way to increase the domain authority is to create shareable quality content, such as to create a podcast or to create a videocast that can be shared with a larger audience.

Creating quality infographics that can be included in other publications with links back to your website also is a great strategy.

Finally, consider reaching out to other content creators, for example by answering questions on website, and having your great answers with links to your site being upvoted.

You can also register on ‌  website as a reported, and answer biggest websites owners requests for contribution. That way, if some of your pitches are accepted and published by other website owners, they will most likely publish them including a precious backlink to your website - thus increasing your own domain page authority.

How to check page authority free of charge?

If you want to find website domain authority for several domain names, and to check page authority free of charge for more than 3 websites, you might be blocked by ‌  as they will request you to get a paid subscription.

While it is very advisable to get a paid subscription for a lot of useful features, if all you want to do is to find website domain authority for a few different Internet properties, then the easiest solution is to install a VPN and to use the  VPN to choose country ‌  in order to browse again different website domain authority values from another country.

However, that solution might be limited, as at some point you will eventually run out of countries to connect to change your  IP address ‌  and will finally have to get a ‌  subscription to continue to check page authority and domain authority.

What is your own website domain authority, are you happy with it? Let us know in comment.

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