How To Buy A Domain Name?

A domain is the email address of a site, its location on the Internet, by recording in a database. When the user enters a domain name in the search bar, the computer understands which site to show and to which address to send the request.

Domain definition

A domain is the email address of a site, its location on the Internet, by recording in a database. When the user enters a domain name in the search bar, the computer understands which site to show and to which address to send the request.

Domain name - the address of the page on the network. Literally, when you drive a domain into the search box, the browser understands where to look for the desired server.

Previously, site addresses were indicated by numbers. To find a site, the user entered an IP address, a combination of four numbers separated by dots. But if a computer can remember any number of numeric combinations, then it is difficult for people to keep several hundred IP addresses in their heads. Therefore, the numbers were replaced with text names.

Therefore, the task of a domain name is to make it easier to remember the site address. That is why it is preferable to choose a short and memorable word or phrase as a domain.

A domain consists of at least two levels or parts, separated from each other by dots. Domains are located in a hierarchy from right to left: third level, second level, first level. The hierarchical order allows the browser to quickly determine the desired server and the site corresponding to the request. Thanks to the hierarchy, the DNS (Domain Name System) functions.

What is a good domain?

For DNS, the type of domain is not important, as it is just a combination of letters and numbers. But the chosen name matters to the audience. For example, an address consonant with the name of the company inspires more confidence in users - they understand that they have landed on an official resource. By means of a domain name, you can designate the scope of activity -,, and so on.

You can add keywords to the domain name that match the content of the site. This will positively affect SEO and help in attracting the target audience.

The main features of a good domain:

1. Size.

The chosen name should be short. So it will be easier to write it in the search bar.

2. Memorability.

If people quickly remember your site address, they can enter it in a memory search. But when the user has forgotten the address and starts looking for it in the browser, he may well go to competitors.

3. Subject.

It is desirable that the domain reflects the theme of the site or is associated with the company. It helps to remember the address.

4. Ease of pronunciation.

The domain address should be conveniently reported in an oral conversation or spoken over the phone.

5. Simplicity in the word.

Some letters during transliteration correspond to several letters of the Latin alphabet, or the same letter can be transliterated in different ways.

Also, when choosing a domain name, it is necessary to take into account spelling restrictions. Depending on the domain zones, the requirements may differ, but the general rules are as follows:

  • total length varies from 2 to 63 characters;
  • as intermediate characters, you can use the Latin alphabet, numbers, hyphen;
  • the name does not start with a hyphen;
  • uppercase and lowercase letters are equivalent;

How to buy a domain?

The procedure for buying a domain from different registrars may vary slightly. But usually the process consists of the following steps:

1. Decide on a domain name.

Create your own domain and check its availability in the selected zone.

To do this, on the registrar's website, indicate the desired domain in the search line and activate the check.

You will see if your domain name option is available or busy.

If the address is free, you can proceed to the next step.

2. Register the selected domain.

After checking the availability of the site, you need to go to the basket with the selected goods and services.

Open your personal shopping card and check the details. At this stage, you can select the lines for which you want to buy your domain address. And sometimes registrars offer additional services - hiding personal data, auto-renewal, an SSL certificate, and so on.

You can save money if you have a promo code for a discount.

Before buying, then you need to provide personal and contact information to create an account.

At the end of the registration form, you can specify a referral link, that is, tell how you learned about the registrar.

After filling out the form, you need to verify your account using a letter to the email address you specified.

After the registration is completed, access to the domain name management is opened. Now you can choose a suitable hosting and link a domain to it. Sometimes registrars additionally provide hosting for sites.

Immediately after purchasing a domain name, you can link it to your site. However, you are not required to use the purchased domain right away. You can save it for when it suits you.

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