What Is The Cheapest .Com Domain Name Registrar?

Looking to renew several of our .com domain names, some being previously registered at  Gandi.net ‌  and some other at Namecheap.com, it came to our attention that it is actually possible to renew a domain name for much cheaper by changing registrar, and that transfer doesn't have to be so expensive.

While most hosts are trying to lure you to their services with a very cheap first year only domain registration, at the end of that period, it is better to switch to an external domain name registrar.

In any case, if you are trying to optimize your costs regarding your web presence, also make sure that you are not overpaying any services: if you have a web hosting anywhere, you can easily setup your own mail box, or simply setup an email forwarding address at your registrar, that will forward your emails to the email of your choice at no extra cost. Most companies are charging extra (and it costs a lot!) for this simple service that is basically free with a little configuration on your side.

Best cheap web hosting for your domain name

The same way, hosting your websites can be low cost and bring you good results, even if your domain name is not registered where your website is hosted. A simple DNS address change and you are covered!

Also, you can get a lot of extra benefits for your website, such as domain security and website optimization, by using an external optimization service technology, which can be free.

Free website delivery optimization technology

Cheapest domain registrars: spreadsheet

But let's see in details what are the cheapest .com registrars for various common cases, which are domain registration, domain renewal, and domain transfer.

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What Is The Cheapest .Com Domain Name Registrar?

In any case, we had a look around for the cheapest  domain name registrar ‌  avaible online, and came up with this short list. Have we missed any? Let us know in comment if that's the case, it will be a pleasure to add it and eventually switch our domain names there!

Cheapest .com domain registration

Registering a domain name is usually the cheapest operation at any registrar, as well as transferring, as they expect to actually increase the annual price of your domain renewal, and make money on your behalf that way, while there is no real reason behind it, except increasing their own profit.

However, these are probably the cheapest .com domain registration prices available on the internet.

Cheapest .com domain name registration registrar

Cheapest .com domain name registration registrarPriceBuy

Most cheapest registrar are offering a very similar price for domain name registration, but the different will happen later when renewing your domain name or buying additional service, at what point the service prices might different from simple to double or even more.

While the list isn't complete, and do not aim at ever containing all possible registrar, it does include some pretty good ones, and most likely the world's cheapest .com registration prices.

All services shown above are including the domain privacy free of charge, which is nowadays a very important point of any domain name registration to avoid spam and other problems.

Cheapest .com domain renewal

Renewing your domain name will happen on the long term, as it is not possible to register a domain name for more than 10 years, and your business will hopefully live more than these 10 years, at which point you will have to renew it, no matter what.

This is the time when you can actually change your  domain name registrar ‌  for a cheapest one, taking in consideration one year coming with transfer, and several years of renewal.

Cheapest .com domain name renewal registrar

Cheapest .com domain name renewal registrarPriceBuy

Here we can actually see a very large difference, as even if registration was similar at all registrars, the difference is becoming huge for domain renewal, and can become very pricey should you have many domains to renew for many years.

Therefore, make the  WISE ‌  choice there and use the cheapest domain name renewal to save up money on unnecessary business expenses.

Cheapest .com domain transfer

This is exactly where you should pay close attention, as domain transfer only comes up with one extra year of registration, and you'll need afterwards to pay for a domain name renewal, if your business is supposed to last for more than a single year.

Therefore, take these numbers with caution - it is important here to consider the addition of one year of transfer plus several years of domain name renewal, which can become costly.

Cheapest .com domain name transfer registrar

Cheapest .com domain name transfer registrarPriceBuy

Here we can see that some registrars are offering a large discount on their domain name transfer price, but, however, it will not be reflected in domain renewal price, and might lead you into some bad surprises on the long term, especially if you have activated the auto renewal option, in which case they will keep taking more money than they should from you.

In short: where should you register your domain names?

As per this study, in which we found how to save close to 50% off the final bill of our own domain names transfer and renewal by simply switching from one domain neam registrar to a cheaper one, we came up with a big surprise: the cheapest one is a registrar we never heard about, and is about the cheapest in all possible scenarios, which is a probably cause to imagine that they will continue being like that in the future, a good basis for a long term business collaboration and registration of our domain names.

Domain name: questions and answers

  • How long should I register my domain name? It is better to register your domain name for as many years as possible, for various reasons: to be safe from renewal price increase, and to prove to search engines that your business is legitimate and planned for the long term success.
  • Can I separate hosting and domain name? Of course! Even if you bought them together, you can easily move your website hosting away from domain registration or switch registrar while keeping your current website host, with a simple DNS configuration: domain name must point its DNSs to the hosting server.
  • What is domain name privacy? The domain privacy will ensure that your domain name contact details are not visible to any visitor, but can only be unlocked for serious reasons, such as an official warrant asking your registrar for these details.

What Is The Cheapest .Com Domain Name Registrar?

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