How to use ASO and SEO to promote an app?

The time is now, and the need is tomorrow. Period. That practically means working hard today for a better tomorrow. Then again, you may wonder – what's that got to do with ASO and SEO? For starters, everything. But you can take that as a motivational statement for your work in ASO and SEO for apps today for tomorrow's successful results.

However, as we speak, ASO and SEO play a crucial part in making your app visible to people out there thru app stores and search engines. The harsh reality, what will happen if you don't use them for your app? Well, embrace yourself because when you don't use them, your app will most likely make it deep into the internet – available but out of reach or invisible entirely. So, ASO and SEO for apps are vital and must-do procedures to perform for a thriving app. Let me tell you how it works. You may have at some point searched on Google, a feature – anything that an app includes. And in response to that, Google has also displayed some apps for that feature search. Well, that is ASO and SEO workings, although many iPhone app development agencies‌ are using these underlying tricks to shake their apps out in the open.

Also, you can give it a try too.

But how?

For that how, we've written this blog. So, keep reading; we'll let you know how.

Why Use Both ASO And SEO?

When you think, “I only need to optimize my app in App Stores.” That can be too risky and not effective enough as a result. Not to mention many people use web browsers for searching needed apps. In some case scenarios, they search features or something else which is related to some apps, and that app shows up – how effective is that? Perhaps, highly enough. You have to think broadly and consume various platforms in addition to tips and tricks to promote your apps.

If you don't know ASO and SEO for apps, ASO (App Store Optimization) applies to app optimization in eminent app stores. On the other hand, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimizes a site for search engines. Two different optimization techniques for two different places; App Stores and Search Engines.

Thus, to make more influence, you have to use both methods.

How To Use ASO For Apps?

ASO boosts your app’s visibility in the app stores. And more importantly, over 62%‌ of users discover apps out of app stores. While not using this leading-edge technique means you’re missing out on one of the incredible app’s promotional opportunities. Besides, to apply good ASO to your app, focus on the following aspects that it involves:

1 – Meta Title

Know that long titles will never make your app boom. As a result, app stores set a character limit to help you out there. But then again, one word or two should do it for the people to remember it. Although naming your app with the slightest hint of keywords can be tricky at times, you name your app by doing keywords research and precisely what it does.

2 – A Meta Description

More fascinating the app's description, the better. For your app meta description, you should do keywords research, and if any keywords are related to your app, include them properly. Additionally, keep your app's description catchy and straightforward to inspire users.

You should count characters of Meta description of app by using a character count‌ tool.

3 – App Rating and Review

The App’s rating and review are other factors that get people to download your app. Thus, to boost your app’s credibility, you have to highlight more of those – highly-praised and highly-rated commits. Not to mention it’s customary for the users to read out the app’s reviews and ratings. So, put some effort into that too.

4 – App Keywords Fields

Different audiences search unlikely to others – different keywords. Therefore, while optimizing your app, you should ensure only to use the target audience’s keyword in your app’s title and description.

More importantly, know that the ranking algorithms take both (keywords and target audience) into accounts before showing any resultant app.

5 – Screenshots and Opening Video

Make sure to upload an app featuring a video that should display its vital-to-people features. Plus, uploading high-quality screenshots of the app’s features can also intrigue people to download it in the first place. For that, see the most exemplary apps profiles and do respectively.

6 – App Icon Optimization

Another thing that comes into sight of a user is the app icon. Tricks to make app icon captivating at first glance are: make it simple, should be meaningful, standard, high-quality color schemas, or many other creative ways you can think of to make it stand out and pulsating.

How To Use SEO For Apps?

After your encounter or endeavor to ASO, now you should bring SEO into play for your mobile app success. Not to mention ASO and SEO for apps are equally essential to help boost your app's popularity significantly. Apart from that, SEO caters to search engines visible and happens to be a necessary part of your mobile app ASO. That said, the SEO deep linking helps direct users to app stores for more downloads. Hence, to apply proper SEO, you should follow the accompanying steps.

1 – Keyword Research and Targeting

Although keyword research is a subtle aspect of your SEO, choose keywords carefully to ensure your app's online presence. For your app SEO, make sure to optimize your website or your content since they help redirect them to your app. More, use SEO tools to help you find effective keywords relating to your target audience.

2 – Optimize Name, Title, and URL

In SEO, you need to optimize your app name, title, and site URL across search engines since it helps advance your app's positioning on the web. Additionally, use related keywords into them (app name, title, and URL).

3 – App Indexing

App indexing is an SEO technique from Google. It lets people tab on a search list on google from their smartphones or tablets and redirect them to the app store for that app. On the bright side, it works for androids and iOS too. Thus, don’t forget to use it – as it’s highly recommended and works for mobile apps only.

4 – Quality Counts

More importantly, whatever you post for your app, make sure it’s entrenched with high quality. Not to mention many people look up to quality only. Perhaps, having post stuff without any quality in them can drive people away and at times, even makes them think it’s not worth it. Thus, show quality in your app’s posts in addition to optimizing those content.

More SEO techniques:

  • Highlight intriguing app’s review and ratings
  • Use deep links that direct to your app
  • Link binding techniques
  • Click-thru rate optimization

Regular Update in Mind

What’s even better is that it’s not a one-time job, as you can keep changing your ASO and SEO for apps techniques regularly with respect to changing keywords. More than that, make sure to update your app in addition to its ASO and SEO descriptions to entice users. If you find ASO and SEO techniques too complex to handle, you should hire an expert just for that. Hiring ASO and SEO experts can help make your app's visibility steady since they know what they're up against and how to handle emerging changes in keywords.

Wrap Up

These days, you can find an unwavering growth of apps in the app stores while making it a tricky game for your app to attain success. And that's where ASO and SEO for mobile apps come into mind. It's pretty foreseeable that doing smart ASO and SEO can truly build ladders for the apps to get their victories.

Most of all, it's necessary to make your app stand out from others. Be it its idea, user interface, features, and other aspects that you can think of, all count significantly to make your app stand out. And combining ASO alongside SEO can lead to greater visibility – hence, greater success.

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