How To Make Money With A Brokerage Blog: Creation, Development, Monetization

A broker is a professional intermediary in concluding transactions. He brings together two interested parties, but acts in the interests of one of them. For his work, the specialist receives a monetary reward from the client - a commission.

An exchange broker is, in simple words, the same intermediary, but in the stock market.

Money brokerage has always attracted a large audience, so many people are looking for answers to questions and advice on brokerage blogs.

Your own brokerage blog is a tool that all brokers turn to sooner or later. Keeping such a blog may differ in its original purpose - someone creates it for entertainment, someone for the transfer of experience, and someone for making money.

And the last option, as a rule, prevails in the general mass of reasons for creating a brokerage blog. Moreover, not without reason. And so, how to start a broker's blog - we will consider in this article, from the moment of registration to monetization.

How to get income from a brokerage blog is a very broad topic that deserves a separate long article, but we will still try to consider the main options for earning and give them definitions.

What is a brokerage blog

In order to understand how a brokerage blog (and any other blog) works, you first need to understand what a blog is in general. Those who are already familiar with the blogosphere and site building can skip this section without a twinge of conscience, but those who are just taking the path of web mastery and blogging - read carefully.

A blog is a special website on the Internet, which regularly publishes thematic materials: texts, articles, videos, audio and others, from the same author. In the case of a brokerage blog, the topic of the published materials should be on the topic of brokerage.

The main distinguishing feature of any blog (professional or personal) is that it is possible for readers (subscribers) to comment on or discuss the material published by the author directly on the website itself.

In general, the concept of a brokerage blog does not exist. Any blog is, first of all, a website with copyrighted content that works in a certain way. The Brokerage Blog is the same website, but with a brokerage-themed focus.

What is a blog - it became clear, but where to run it? And so, how to start a broker's blog - consider below.

How to start your brokerage blog

Any blog is a website that is located on the Internet, and a brokerage blog is no exception.

To create your own brokerage blog, there are several options: register a blog on a special site (for example, LiveJournal or Zen) or create your own blog on a separate site.

Blogging sites usually have some restrictions or are paid. But, if we are talking about a serious approach, then you should create your blog only on your own domain and hosting.

In order to create your own blog on a separate site, you need:

  1. Domain is the address of the blog, for example: brokerblog.rf;
  2. Web hosting is the place where your blog, all its files, databases and other data will be located;
  3. Specialized hosting - for example, YouTube - video hosting (for your videos);
  4. CMS is a blog management system;
  5. Content - thematic materials for publication.

All of this will become a website that will eventually become a brokerage blog.

In most cases, hosting sites already have special rates that allow you to start a full-fledged blog quickly and without special skills.

How to develop your brokerage blog

Imagine that all the stages necessary for creating a blog have been passed: a domain is purchased, hosting is paid for, a content management system is set up, a design is selected, and the first publications begin to appear. What's next?

For the full-fledged functioning of a blog, readers and regular subscribers are needed, but where to get it from? You can run ads, you can talk about your blog on social networks, but the best and surest way to get a high-quality and targeted audience is search traffic.

In other words, people from search engines will come to your site for exactly those queries that are interesting to them. That is, to receive answers to their questions and get acquainted with the information they need.

To get such traffic, you need to thoroughly think over the content plan, collect a detailed semantic core and, following all the collected materials, publish the necessary articles, texts, videos and other materials that potential readers are looking for.

Of course, without wasting time and effort, you can buy traffic from social networks or advertising platforms, but in this case you need to understand that the money spent on advertising should pay off from the visitors who came to the site. And this can be organized only after some time of the existence of the blog.

How to make money on a brokerage blog

The topic of exchanges and brokerage is interesting to many, and there will be enough visitors to such a blog to think about its monetization. There are several ways to get profit from any blog:

  1. Selling brokerage services - for example: brokerage services on the Flippa website;
  2. Attracting new clients and partners is one of the highest paid ways to make money on a brokerage blog;
  3. Posting links - this method can also bring quite good income for the blog owner. By posting thematic links to partner sites, you can make good money;
  4. Display advertising is probably one of the most popular ways to monetize any blog. Not the most profitable, but the most popular - for sure.

Display advertising should be discussed separately, as it is a huge layer of information that is difficult to understand in just a few sentences. But we will try to briefly explain the essence of such advertising below.

What display ads are:

  1. Banner advertising is the placement on your blog of small advertising images, when clicking on which the user goes to the seller's website;
  2. Video advertising - this type of advertising is embedded in your video, which you publish on your blog and is played every time the video is viewed by a user;
  3. Branding is a special kind of advertising that pays very well. The blog owner allocates an entire section or page, designed in the style of the advertised brand, for information about any product or service.

Also, display advertising can be divided into ways to monetize it:

  1. Payment for the number of impressions - as a rule, this is a fixed amount per 1000 impressions;
  2. The conversion fee is also a fixed cost that is paid to you for the user clicks on the advertisement;
  3. Payment for an action - for example, a reward for ordering a product using your link or registering on an advertiser's website.
Best AdSense alternatives to make money with a brokerage blog

Each of the methods has its own pros and cons, but together they can really bring a good income for the owner of a professional blog.

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By developing his resource and gaining more and more new readers and subscribers, the blogger automatically begins to receive more income from his blog.

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