How To Delete A Database In PHPMyAdmin

Deleting a database in phpMyAdmin is pretty easy and straightforward, but also very dangerous. Make sure that a backup is available before doing so, and that the right database has been selected !

Using SQL, this syntax will do the trick, by replacing the database name for the one on the local MySQL server :

DROP DATABASE `database` 

Or visually by following below steps

First, log on to the localhost phpMyAdmin, or the remote phpMyAdmin if working on a distant server :

There, once in the database, go to the menu Operations

In the operations menu, a red link drop the database will be displayed, click on it

A popup will ask confirmation to destroy the complete database.

As the operation is non reversible, double check that the right database has been selected

After the database deletion is complete, interface redirects to main phpMyAdmin page, with a popup MySQL returned an empty result set, as no row have been selected, and the database should not be available anymore.

Reload database list

As the interface does not always reload by itself, if you still see the database in the list on the right hand side of the PHPMyAdmin interface, do not panick just yet.

It might simply be the case that the interface hasn’t been updated, and an old database list is still displayed. Use the green reload navigation panel button to update that list. The deleted database should not show up anymore.

Delete a database in phpMyAdmin

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