7 Ways to Make Work From Home on a Laptop Better & Easier

The remote workplace force understands the importance and role of laptops in their careers. These portable computers make it possible to handle work tasks virtually from any geographical location.

If you, too, are working from home and looking for ways to hone your work setup with a laptop, here’s what you need to do.

Invest in a Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

No cords mean fewer maintenance efforts and quick cleaning of the laptop desk. So, having a wireless keyboard and a mouse will reduce the cord clutter on the desk, making it appear more organized. Wireless peripherals give you more ease and comfort when you are working on your computer.

Not only do wireless accessories make your work-related tasks easier, but they add fun to your entertainment time. You can control your laptop from a little distant location within the room for simple tasks such as copying and pasting on Mac, for example.

We often copy items and skip pasting them at the desired location on the computer. For example, you can view the copied items from the clipboard history‌ on Mac using the alternative apps with the help of a wireless mouse or watch a movie on the laptop from a distance while controlling it with a wireless keyboard.

Maintain a Right Height

Laptops are not meant to be used on your lap, as they will only slouch you, giving you neckache. Working from home is not a matter of hours or days. Instead, it’s about optimizing your laptops to work for years. An incorrect sitting posture will put extra pounds of stress and pressure on your spine and overall body.

You must be sitting for hours to work for an extended period of time which can prove to be an ergonomics disaster. Maintaining the right posture not only demands a computer desk, but a comfortable chair, adjustable laptop stand, and much more. Having a stand means enough extra space to tuck in your laptop accessories and peripherals when not in use to reduce desk clutter.

Get a Pair of Noise Canceling Headphones

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Working from home means working under challenging situations most of the time. You might be dealing with your kids, or there might be construction work going on in the neighborhood. Whether you are using a laptop or a computer, Windows or macOS, noise-canceling headphones are a must-have accessory.

Most latest headphones come with this advanced technology that disconnects from the outside world when you are attending an online meeting. You can also bring it back to normal mode after the meeting. It is worth investing in noise cancellation headphones when you are working from home around your kids.

Connect an External Monitor

Having an external display‌ is not a necessity but a matter of choice. If your laptop has a big display, you may not need to invest in an external monitor. But if you are working on a smaller screen with tiny fonts and images, it’s better to connect a display to prevent your eyes from stressing out.

An external screen will help you, particularly if you are a graphic designer, student, programmer, or someone involved in focus-intense tasks. A wider screen will allow the graphic designers to get an insight into your design work, to figure out even the tiny details so that you can make your designs precise and clear.

Take Regular Breaks

Apart from having a high-end computer setup for your work-from-home workplace, you should have a comfortable work schedule. You should sign in and sign out on time and must take regular breaks in between. It helps you remain active and consistent at work and boosts your productivity.

You can utilize these short breaks for exercising or cooking something quickly for lunch. Taking breaks keeps you healthy as it won’t let you stick to a single place for longer hours. So, when you are working from home or office, make it your regular habit to take breaks between your workday tasks.

Use Printer to Print Documents

You can save a lot of time that you spend going outside to get your documents printed by purchasing a printer for home. You may need to print reports often for filing purposes, and that’s when having a printer at home comes in handy. If you are using a Mac or a Windows PC, or both, printers can connect to all the devices you are using.

A wireless printer that integrates the latest technology will allow you to get colored prints that look more intuitive and captivating. You can use your printer for printing all file formats such as PDFs, JPEGs, DOCX, and anything that you use on your computer.

Clean the Dust Inside

Over time, your laptop will collect dust. Unless you clean the filth that accumulates inside, you will have a hard time working on the device.

The loud noise coming from the internal fans can be tolerable, but the same thing does not apply for the fact that the internal fans are overworked, and your laptop is overheating.

Ignoring the problem is not a good approach because of potential hardware issues. Cleaning the dust should be on your list of laptop maintenance tasks.

In case you are a bit reluctant to do the work yourself because you do not want to risk damaging the laptop by taking it apart for cleaning, find a computer service shop that can do the cleaning for you.

As a side note, you could also go for something like a cooling pad. An accessory that offers you a source of fresh air to maintain the laptop's temperature stable is worth the money, but it only helps with the problem. The root cause is still the dust that you need to take care of on a regular basis.


All in all, the idea of making things easier for yourself work-wise should come naturally. If you use a laptop for your remote work‌, then this article ought to come in quite handy. Make the most out of the information and apply it for yourself where you can.

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