Top 6 Tech Gadgets for Remote Work in 2022

While millions lost their jobs due to coronavirus budget cuts, millions more were laid off from office to work from home‌. Bedrooms were converted into conference rooms, and Zoom calls were taken on the kitchen table. These were less-than-ideal setups and of course, temporary solutions.

As the need of remote work is increasing over time, your home office setup should consist of actually useful, productive, and practical gadgets. From ergonomic desk settings to wireless devices that could make your work a lot more comfortable and your workstation a little less clunky, we have come up with the top 6 tech gadgets that are ideal for remote work in 2022.

1. Laptop and Tablet Stand

It is definitely the time to upgrade from a DIY laptop stand or a stack of old books to keep your tablet in place. To stop craning your neck while you work, use convertible stands for your laptop, monitor or tablet. These stands offer you to work with the right viewing height, help to maintain posture, reduce pain in upper body parts, and increase productivity.

The Laptop and tablet stand come in various varieties and sizes. Some stands have integrated document holders while some are expanded with a docking station. You can also buy a dual monitor stand or one which allows you to work from the bed or couch.

2. Ergonomic Desk

For an ergonomic desk, you should consider a few factors in mind such as comfort, dimensions, posture, price, and style. It is rare that you can have it all in one desk. Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, convertible standing desks and L-shaped desks‌ are best fits for remote workers. L-shaped desks are specifically designed to optimize the corner space of your office and increase the surface area of your workspace.

With large desk storage and different dimensions of each side of the desk, you can place all kinds of gadgets and documents in relation to each other.

3. Multi-Port Adapter

The devices these days are getting sleeker, slimmer, and more lightweight for our convenience. The downside is that the slimmer laptops mean less number of available ports. Therefore, more and more laptops now rely on the power of USB-C hubs or multi-port adaptors. USB-C hubs and docs are an important part of any setup, especially portable devices.

These play the role of tiny meeting rooms for all the additional gadgets. You can connect USBs, SD Cards, Ethernet cables, HDMI cables, and more to your laptop with just one multiport adapter. Such connections are much faster, more versatile, and more reliable.

4. Smart Speaker

One of the most versatile and useful gadgets that you can own is a smart speaker aka virtual assistant. Now you do not need to use your phone or get up every time for simple tasks while working from home. Featuring a built-in voice assistant, it enables you to give directions with your voice, control music, serve up the latest headlines, set timers, give sports scores, and regulate other smart home tasks.

Depending on the other smart devices you have, you can set the brightness of your smart lights, ensure a coffee maker to brew a hot drink, or get an alert of motion detection on a security camera.

5. Wireless Gadgets

While the whole world has ditched wired devices, remote workers should also invest in wireless gear to rid their workspace of the cable clutter and free up the precious USB ports. It not only makes your desk clutter-free but also improves your productivity and comfort. Wireless mouse, headphones, and keyboard make working on a desk a lot easier.

With these, you can keep the required distance from the screen. Wireless mobile charger, speakers, and earbuds also prove handy while you have to work for long hours in one spot.

6. External Hard Drive

As a remote worker, you mostly work on home computers and laptops, sharing files, storing documents, communicating, editing, and whatnot! But most of us do not realize that they have limited data storage. So, we have to uninstall applications or delete some other files when it gets too late.

To avoid such painful experiences, use an external hard drive. With this useful gadget, you can go for years without running out of space for files, records, archival data, and projects. You can also use an external  hard drive ‌  for digital editing, data backup, data sharing, and gaming.

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