Metaverse: A guide for new children

Facebook recently changed its name to Meta and has announced that the metapoint is the future of the internet. Over the past year, Fortnite’s manufacturer Epic Inc. Fortnite, which is a multi-functional Fortnite‌, has raised $ 1 billion in a capital round, showing that investors were willing to invest huge sums of money in online experiences.

Metaverse is now the most talked about word in technology, and everyone wants a piece of it. What does the term mean? It's not just about VR glasses and games? Is it already exaggerated? What are the biggest chances of making money from it? (Investigate this to get an idea of ​​the European metacars that investors consider worth watching and that should be monitored. This guide addresses some of these concerns.

According to James from Costumes Heaven‌, the Metaverse is here to stay, regardless of its mass adoption. With the push of big companies, it will anyway get a solid user base. But is it anyway? Let’s deep dive into the Metaverse.

Meta-average: What does it mean?

Scientist Neal Stephenson described the term Metaverse in his 1992 book Snow Crash, which referred to the computer-generated world. It is believed to be an extremely deficient, virtual universe where people meet games and socialize and even work.

It is also linked to the development of Web3.0, which some say could be the next step in the network's existence - that is, built on locked-in chains that could theoretically democratize access and power and reduce the influence of major technology companies. Of course, we’re not talking about games like NetBet, but you can always get there blowing steam and forgetting about methacrylate for a while.

The idea is not entirely new. At the beginning of the 2000s, the meta-equivalent had many precursors, including the second lifetime launched by Linden Lab in 2003 and the Habbo Hotel founded by Sulaken Finland. The two have fallen off human scenes since then, although they are still in operation. The second LIFE financial instrument still has around 200,000 active users per day.

What makes us think that a meta-weapon will explode this time?

The biggest technology companies are weapons that mix with each other. Mark Zuckerberg is just like Microsoft. Microsoft plans to set up Enterprise Metaverse.

Front-line multiplayer games such as Fortnite, Microsoft-owned Minecraft and Roblox have created a social game phenomenon and developed platforms that could serve as a basis for creating a metaex. Certain game makers are convinced that Roblox - a boxing game loved by children ages 7-12 could become one of the strongest metanuclei in the future. For example, the minerals industry is based on Hadea’s cloud-based software, which can measure thousands of players around the world.

The ability of information technology to add virtual reality to a huge scale is becoming apparent. Companies like Hadean and Improbable, which specialize in developing a large-scale distributed computer, can accommodate 10,000 people using the same computer at the same time. Numerous distance businesses are considering hosting sporting and concert events simultaneously with 50,000 attendees, which would not have been possible until several years ago.

With non-fungable tokens and cryptocurrencies, you can buy and sell goods one by one, opening up new commercial opportunities. More importantly, however, these tradable tokens can also allow for the transfer of virtual identities and products from different meta-centers.

This is the moment when the meta turn becomes a “meta” and you can effortlessly switch between sci-fi books like Snow Crash and the Ready Player One reference between platforms. Imagine that in the 90s, mobile phones began to offer users the ability to communicate on different networks. Communication on mobile phones exploded above expectations.

Does it just revolve around the game?

No. The Olympics are a good start, but if you look at the broader Web3.0 perspective, the meta-deviation covers many other things as well. Fortnite has had performances by Ariana Grande and Travis Scott, while Lil NasX’s Roblox concert last yearacked up 33 million views.

It is for this reason that start-ups, such as Stage 11, a Paris-based company, are interested. Phase 11 has just received € 5 million in Otium Capital’s seed round and is building great music experiences for metacres. The company has partnerships with artists like David Guetta. Snoop Dogg Ne-Yo, David Guetta and Akon.

the provision of services and goods. Gravity Sketch, based in London, recently set up a virtual collaboration room where designers can work remotely to create a 3D model.

Business-focused people have access to training, meetings and healthcare. Swedish startup Warpin is one example. It has created VR video training for companies and, in collaboration with digital medical service Kry, implemented a pilot project where anxious patients were able to overcome their concerns by passing immersive virtual scenarios and treatment.

In fact, Nvidia Omniverse, which creates an electronic copy of BMW’s manufacturing plant, is part of the underlying meta-meta. It may be a boring meta deviation, but it’s still worth showing because technicians can work together in a new world.

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