7 original gifts for a business woman

Business women are serious and purposeful women, whose busy schedule does not always seem to fit meetings with friends and family, and what a gift to such a woman is always a difficult task.

So how to choose the best gift for business woman? It is necessary to strike a balance between personal sympathy and professional ethics. It's difficult, but we'll try to help you.

When it comes to giving a gift to someone, it becomes a real test. We would like to give something that really would be pleasant and useful for a person. It becomes an especially difficult task to find a gift for someone that has everything: for a strong, successful, independent business woman. If you encounter such a problem, then this article is for you.

Criteria for choosing a gift for a business woman

To begin with, we will determine the criteria that we will adhere to when choosing a gift for a business woman:

  • It should not be too expensive. You can pass for a flatterer and a player.
  • It also should not be too cheap or at least look like that. The best option would be to find a middle ground.
  • A business woman will appreciate originality and / or practicality.
  • When choosing a design and color scheme, you should adhere to the classic style.
  • Despite the fact that a business woman carries a lot of male responsibilities, she is primarily a woman. When choosing a gift it is worth considering this.
  • It is better to avoid too personal gifts, as here you risk not guessing.

If you want to be sure to offer a gift that will please a business woman, and help help both in her professional life, at office, during travel, or while making money online from the comfort of her home, but also even for her personal needs – consider offering her a VPN subscription that she can then use whenever she wants on any device.

Wrist Watch

A woman whose schedule is completely packed by the minute, first of all appreciates her time. Meetings, conferences, negotiations - punctuality is an important condition for doing business. Therefore, a watch will be an ideal gift solution. Firstly, a watch is a kind of personification of the life philosophy of such a woman. Secondly, each time checking the time, she will remember you. And this, as you know, will occur with an enviable frequency.

For example, the  Scandinavian brand Nordgreen   offer a wide range of watches in a restrained style, which are perfect for business people. You can modify each model for yourself: choose the size and color of the dial, as well as the strap.

A pen

Another indispensable attribute of a business woman is certainly a pen. Making endless notes, as well as signing documents, it is very important that the pen does not stop writing at the crucial moment.

In addition, it is also an accessory that complements the image of a business person and creates the right impression in the eyes of others. Therefore, you should pay attention to quality products.

For example, the established Parker brand offers a stylish set of  ballpoint pen   and eternal pen. The colors are both royal and delicate. Just these two adjectives perfectly describe the business woman.

Stylish pen set by Parker brand

Jean-Louis Scherrer and Nino Cerruti also have beautiful female ballpoint pens.

Travel Document Organizer

A large part of doing business is business travel: different cities and countries. It’s always hard for a woman to dig out something in her purse, which is why the organizer of documents will greatly please the business woman. This will allow her to reduce her time searching for the most important things on the trip: valid credit cards, passport, cash, etc. In addition, it is incredibly convenient. Saving time and comfort is exactly what a business woman needs.

Compact and high-quality organizers are offered by the well-known Swiss brand Victorinox. Organizers are presented in two colors: red and black. The main advantage is the integrated  RFID technology   for data protection. This function will be appreciated by a business woman by virtue of dignity.

Victorinox travel organizer with RFID protection

Silk scarf

Absolutely every woman just loves accessories. According to Lianzhen from pala leather, the bigger, the better. An elegant  silk scarf   in a leather case is a restrained and at the same time thoughtful gift that will not leave any woman indifferent.

A tie, despite the fact that makes the image very businesslike, does not quite fit into the women's wardrobe. A more feminine alternative may be one of the models of silk scarves from Ralf Lauren. Despite the bright colors, this accessory is perfect for a strict office suit and will bring some “zest” to the owner. A business woman will surely be able to find such a gift and appreciate the originality of your choice.

Ralph Lauren silk scarf

Pillow The Beauty Pillow

Taking care of yourself is time-consuming for women, and a business woman always needs to look perfect. The Beauty Pillow satin pillows will improve your sleep quality. In addition, they help smooth out wrinkles and fight facial swelling. The size of this pillow is small, so it can also be easily taken with you on the go.

It is better to get enough sleep and at the same time take care of your face skin - is this not the ultimate dream of a woman who values ​​every second of her time?

The Beauty Pillow pillow

Electric face brush LUNA 2

Continuing the theme of beauty, it is worth paying attention to the absolute hit of home facial care - a unique product of the Swedish Foreo brand. This electric brush has a cleansing function, as well as an anti-aging mode. The resulting effect is as close as possible to the salon. The  Foreo Brush   is a bestseller on networks such as Sephora and Douglas.

Lack of time for beauty salons cannot prevent a business woman from staying beautiful and well-groomed. So such help on your part will be very helpful and will not fail to please.

Eternal rose

Close the list, of course, flowers. Flowers are a universal gift for a woman for any occasion. It doesn’t matter if she is a “business shark” or not. Getting a beautiful bouquet, anyone will feel tender and fragile. A reminder of a business woman who is accustomed to performing men's duties about her female nature will be very useful.

If a bouquet of roses seems a bit banal to you, then look at the beautiful, fabulous alternative: the eternal rose. Remember the Disney cartoon about beauty and the beast? Now the same rose in a glass case is available on the market. This is a real rose, which, thanks to the use of modern technologies, can stand for about five years! In addition, such a gift can be supplemented with a personal engraving.

Eternal rose

A short list of seven original gifts for a business woman

The importance of preparing a gift

Of no less importance is who exactly prepares the gift. For example, a man is better not to give a face brush. This will be more appropriate from the hands of a woman. At the same time, a rose is a gift that is best presented from the stronger sex if possible.

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