Top 10 Tips for Developing a Killer Essay About Technology

An essay is a prose work of small volume and free composition, expressing individual impressions and thoughts on a specific occasion or issue and obviously does not claim to be a defining or exhaustive interpretation of the subject.

To get started, start with a main idea or catchy phrase. The goal is to grab the reader's attention right away. Comparative allegory is often used here, when an unexpected fact or event is associated with the main topic of the essay.

To make the work interesting, use literary means. These can be metaphors, analogies, epithets, allegories, associations or symbols. Remember that your main assistants when writing a paper are aphorism and figurativeness.

Writing an essay about technologies is not a quick and easy task. Even with a simple topic related to technologies, students will have to brainstorm a lot before writing. If you are in a hurry or don’t know how to write your essay, you can get help from services like To know more whether this site is appropriate for you, check out this  EssayShark review.  

Writing a technology essay can be easier if you stick to certain tips. As a student, you can write an exciting and intriguing technology essay. You should remember that technology is quite a broad topic, so you need to narrow down the specific area of technology or invention that you want to discuss. Beyond this helpful tip, you should follow other important advice for a killer essay about technology. Let’s dig further.

1. Choose the right type of essay

Most often, the type of essay will be indicated by your instructor. However, if the instructor doesn’t indicate it, you must decide. Would you like to write an  argumentative essay   or a  discussion essay?   This is an important step because it will influence the style of your paper. If you decide, for example, to write a discussion essay, then your paper will discuss the main point outlined in your introduction.

2. Choose an interesting topic

When you write a technology essay, the topic should be really interesting. For example, you may write about  the most important website hosting criteria,   or how to  make money online   for beginners, or about  7 best free WordPress AdSense plugins to boost revenue.   In any case, make sure that your topic is narrow and interesting to write on.

3. Make a thorough outline

After choosing a topic for your essay, draft the outline. Your outline will be like a roadmap for your essay and help you focus fully on each area. The outline should contain all parts of your future essay. To make sure your outline includes all the fundamental parts, it is important to conduct thorough research and find plenty of key points and supporting evidence. Right after you have gathered the required information, you can start writing the essay.

4. Support the essay with evidence

You should support each item using examples, such as studies, reliable data, and statistics. This will help you create an essay that will be concrete and credible. Each item you present will no longer be a vague point, but will have evidence to support it. All sources that you use should be up to date.

5. Stick to a smooth narration

Your task as the author of the technology essay is to fully reveal the position, grab the attention of readers, and supplement their understanding. The presentation of language should be understandable and simple, and phrases should be short. However, you can’t use slang, templates, profanity, or jargon in your technology essay. The author’s personality, worldview, writing skill, and manner of narration are judged from the thesis statement. Avoid frivolity when constructing and presenting phrases.

6. Present the paradox of the statement

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Your main goal is to interest the reader so they can get acquainted with your essay. You can achieve it by showing a non-standard way of thinking. Using a paradox is an interesting way to view a problem, which you can form as the main thesis statement in the introduction. The paradox should be based on two controversial points of view.

7. Distinguish your words, sentences, paragraphs, and more

An essay, like any other literary work, presents information on several levels. The first level is word selection. The second is the sentence structure. Each word must be the right word in the sentence in the right place. A sentence, in turn, represents a thought as a part of a general idea expressed in a paragraph. In the third level of presentation, you should build the sentences correctly, and in the correct order within the paragraph. Typically, a paragraph should have 3-8 sentences, or roughly 100 words. It is important to stick to this rule, but you can adjust it further as you develop and master your writing skills.

When providing information about something that is considered a fact or, at least, a reasonable opinion you have gleaned from a source, you should indicate this source. Otherwise, you may be accused of plagiarism, which in essence is theft (theft of intellectual property). There are many standards that you should follow when specifying links and compiling a bibliographic list.

9. Proofread and edit your essay

Proofreading and editing the first draft is really important. When writing a draft, your main task is to develop arguments, polish the main thoughts, and arrange them in strict sequence, accompanying them with illustrative materials or supporting data. After writing the first draft, let it rest for a day or two, and then return to the rewriting and improvement process with a fresh mind.

When proofreading an essay, first of all, pay attention to the following important points:

  • An essay is a subjective genre, therefore, its assessment can be subjective.
  • No matter what question you answer, you need to achieve certain goals that you set before starting to write your paper.
  • Everything that you write in the essay must be confirmed with examples, so make references to your experience. Details will make your essay interesting, unique, and specific.

10. Use time wisely

The human brain functions better in the morning. Get out of bed and eat something. You are much smarter and more cheerful if you get enough sleep and eat. There are a sufficient number of studies confirming this. You can’t write efficiently with coffee alone. Eat some protein and greens. You can also make a smoothie of fruits and yogurt. If necessary, go and buy a cheap breakfast. Be prepared, as writing will take you from 90 minutes to 3 hours. However, 15 minutes of writing practice will be useful, especially if such practice is daily.

If you’ve gotten this far, then you have done a great job. If you write a technology essay in the manner described in this article, you will see that getting a good grade is attainable. I’m sure that these tips will lead you to success in writing your technology essay!

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