Get around Youtube error The uploader has not made this video available in your country

The uploader has not made this video available in your country

Have you ever gotten mad because of the YouTube error The upload has not made this video available in your country? You probably did not understand why would this even happen, as Internet has been created to share knowledge and culture worldwide, and not to limit it to some locations? Do you want to find a free way to get around this limitation?

Get around the YouTube error: The uploader has not made this video available in your country

Good news, there is an easy way to get to see the videos that are not available in your country, which can even be free if your are using the Chrome browser, by using the  free RusVPN Chrome extension‌  that can be downloaded from the  RusVPN service‌  website.

By choosing  a VPN‌  to use for your whole computer, you will even be able to use use the VPN on a cell phone, and also to use the  VPN for travel‌  by using VPN to get cheaper flights, and it will even act as  a VPN‌  for business use. Wherever you'll be in the world, you will be able to access the services you need.

Let's see in a full example how to download, install, and use the  free RusVPN Chrome extension‌  to get around the YouTube error the uploader has not made this video available in your country.

How to Solve The Uploader Has Not Made this Video Available Error

Download the best free VPN service

Start by download the  free RusVPN Chrome extension‌  by going on the  RusVPN service‌  website.

You can also buy VPN service from their website to be complete safe on the Internet and access all the websites you want, but in our case, the safe free VPN plugin for the  Chrome browser‌  will be more than enough to get around the YouTube limitation.

On their website, simply start getting the best  free VPN service‌  by clicking on the FREE download button.

You will be redirected to the Chrome web store, on which you have to click the Add to Chrome button in order to proceed with the VPN Chrome extension installation.

A pop-up will request to proceed to add the  free RusVPN Chrome extension‌  to your Chrome browser.

Do not hesitate to proceed by clicking on the Add extension button, as there is nothing to do from your side: no credit card to provide, no account registration - only download and install the browser, and start  using VPN to get cheaper flights‌  and access all the Internet services you want.

Start using the safe free VPN

Once the  Chrome browser‌  extension of the safe free VPN from RusVPN has been installed, open it by clicking on the shield icon that has been added to the  Chrome browser‌  in the top right corner.

The  Chrome browser‌   RusVPN service‌  extension will open, including a selection box to choose from several free VPN locations to use, the status of the web browser, that is unprotected before the VPN is started, a button to connect to the selected VPN location, and a possible to get a premium version VPN for business use, as VPN on a cell phone, or other full device usage.

Now, click on the Connect to VPN button to start browsing securely from another location.

Browsing Internet connected to a remote VPN service

That's it, you are now connected to a safe and free remote VPN service that allows you to see web pages as if you were located in another country.

The  RusVPN service‌  status should have changed to secured and the  Chrome browser‌  application icon turned green, showing that your browser is now securely browsing the Internet.

You can now press the refresh button of your Chrome browser, or press the keyboard F5 button to reload the page.

The YouTube video should now load correctly, even if you have not moved physically, but only started using the remote VPN service of the free RusVPN Chrome extension.

Takeway from using a remote VPN service

Now that you know how to use the  Chrome browser‌  with the best free VPN service, you are able to browser securely the web on that same browser.

If you feel like you need a safe free VPN to use for other applications, think about getting the  RusVPN service‌  premium version to use on all your devices and for all your applications to secure your whole Internet connection.

Video unavailable The uploader has not made this video available in your country How to solve it?

Get around Youtube error The uploader has not made this video available in your country

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