Windows 10 Native SSH PowerShell Client Installation

Since Windows 10, there is now a built-in Windows SSH client that is not installed by default, but that can be added as an optional through the settings menu.

Native Windows 10 SSH powershell

Since Windows 10, there is now a built-in Windows SSH client that is not installed by default, but that can be added as an optional through the settings menu.

An SSH, for secure shell, is an encrypted communication protocol to exchange information between a client and a server such as a CPanel domain server.

Most web servers must be accessed using this protocol for many operations, including system operations such as creating symbolic links on your  best cheap web hosting   server for example, and run all kind of operations that will help you  make money online   or at least manage your web hosting better.

It is usually recommended to use SSH protocol through a secure  VPN connection   to make sure that no information can be stolen on the way.

Secure Shell - Wikipedia

See below a full walkthrough to install and be able to use the SSH shell for Windows.

How to Enable and Use Windows 10’s New Built-in SSH Commands

Find the Win SSH client and server in Windows 10

Both the SSH client for Windows 10 and the SSH server for Windows 10 can be found at the same place in the Windows settings.

Start by opening the settings application, which can be accessed from the Windows search option in the Windows menu bar.

In the Windows Settings, open the Apps tile, that will allow to find, install and uninstall defaults and optional features in your Windows 10 installation.

Once in the Apps and Features menu, locate the optional features link.

SSH client and server in Windows 10 optional features

Now in the optional features, the Windows SSH client will most likely not be visible in the main applications list.

Click on the add a feature button to access more optional features of the Windows 10 system.

From the add a feature features list, scroll down until you can see the OpenSSH client, this is the built-in Windows SSH client that we want to install.

Windows OpenSSH client: OpenSSH-based secure shell (SSH) client, for secure key management and access to remote machines

You can also find in that same window the OpenSSH server application, in case you need it.

Click on the Install button to start installing the SSH secure shell client Windows 10.

Using the SSH shell for Windows 10

Now that the Windows SSH client has been installed on Windows 10, it can be found in the Windows 10 search and launch applications menu, by searching for the Windows PowerShell application.

Built-in Windows SSH client app: Windows PowherShell

Find it from the Windows 10 application list or quick launcher, and start it.

And that's it! From the Windows PowerShell, you are able to start an SSH session and connection to your SSH server as usual, without having to install any extra application or program, but only using the built-in Windows SSH client.

WIN SSH options and details: type SSH in Windows PowerShell

You can now use the SSH command line from either the Windows PowherShell or the Windows CMD SSH program, both having the same effect now that the Windows SSH client has been installed.

Do not forget to run them as administrator in case of using advanced options.

Connecting via SSH to your server - Media Temple

Takeaway from installing Windows SSH client

It is pretty to use the Windows 10 built-in application to use SSH client capabilities right from Windows 10, without having to download and install external programs.

Windows SSH client and server: Settings > Apps > Optional features > Add a feature

Have you been using the Windows PowerShell, did you experience any issue with it? Have you been able to connect via SSH to your favorite best cheap web hosting, were you using a VPN connection? Let us know in comments.

How to paste in Windows SSH client?

In case you are not able to past in Windows SSH client some data pasted from another place, first of all make sure that you are not in a password entry line, as you will not be able to paste text in hidden field, such as password data entry field.

Otherwise, it can be added by simply using the mouse right click in the Windows SSH windows after having copied some text in the clipboard, or by using the menu edit and found the paste option, which might be greyed out if cursor currently is on a data entry field that does not allow for text pasting.

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