How to make money on a professional blog: start, development, monetization

How to make money on a professional blog: start, development, monetization

Your own professional blog is something that sooner or later all the masters of their craft come to. Someone in order to share their experience, someone in order to find clients, and someone to make money on it.

And this is really possible, with minimal investment and doing what you love. And so, how to start a professional blog - we will consider in this article, from the moment of creation, to earning options and pitfalls.

The options for monetizing your blog is a separate topic of conversation that requires detailed consideration. This article will discuss the main options with a brief description of them.

What is a professional blog

In order to start figuring out how to make money on your blog, you need to understand what it is all about. A reader familiar with this topic can safely skip this subsection, but those who are just starting to understand - read carefully.

A blog is, first and foremost, a website on the Internet that regularly updates content, such as articles, videos and photographs or audio recordings. The publication comes from exactly one author and, ideally, all blog content is copyright.

In addition, a distinctive feature of a blog is the ability to comment on published materials by subscribers. Comment or discuss directly on the blog itself.

A person who runs his own blog is called a blogger.

If it is clear what a blog is, then it is not easy to guess what a professional blog is. That is, it is a website dedicated to a particular topic (profession), materials on which are published by one professional.

A professional blog can be informational, with materials on the profession, or it can be a kind of diary where the master publishes reports on the work he has done. Also, these two types can be combined.

How to start your professional blog

Any blog is a website on the Internet. There are specialized sites for blogging (for example, LiveJournal or Yandex.Zen), which are also websites, but serve as a large platform for many bloggers and, as a rule, provide few opportunities for monetization.

Your own blog is, first of all, your own website. Your resource will allow you to flexibly configure all the necessary parameters and not depend on third-party resources.

In order to deploy your own website on the Internet, you must:

  1. Domain name - the name of the blog (for example, myblog.rf);
  2. Web hosting is where all your blog's files and data will reside;
  3. Specialized hosting - for example, YouTube - video hosting (for your videos);
  4. Blog Management System - a program that will allow you to manage all the publications on the website;
  5. Content is the most important thing. Unique and thematic content for your blog.

All of this taken together is a website that will become a professional blog.

In most cases, hosting sites already have special rates that allow you to start a full-fledged blog quickly and without special skills.

How to develop your blog

Let's assume that you have already registered a domain, paid for hosting and started a blog on some popular website management system. What's next? After all, subscribers and readers will not go to your site on their own. They need to tell them about your resource. But how to do that?

The surest and correct way to attract readers to your site is search traffic. In other words, these are the people who will come to you from search engines (Yandex, Google and similar) for specific queries of interest to them.

To organize such a flow of visitors, you need to publish thematic materials on your resource with the necessary headings that contain key requests. This is a separate topic for a whole article, but there is plenty of information on this subject. This is called SEO promotion.

There is also a faster option - buying traffic, for example, from social networks or search engines. But here you need to understand that the cost of such traffic should pay off, and for this the blog should be monetized.

How to make money on a professional blog

Monetization blog is one of the best ways to make money online for a self-employed blogger. There are many proven ways to do this - selling products, sponsored content, contextual advertising, referral links, etc.

The main condition for monetization is the presence of traffic. Therefore, initially you need to focus on creating quality content to attract a quality audience and, accordingly, traffic.

There are several options for how a professional blog can bring it to its author:

  1. New clients - many people create professional blogs precisely in order to look for new clients;
  2. Link placement - this method can generate a small additional income. By posting links to third-party, similar resources, you get money for this;
  3. Display advertising is the most popular way to monetize professional blogs.

Display advertising should be discussed separately, as it is a huge layer of information that is difficult to understand in just a few sentences. But we will try to briefly explain the essence of such advertising below.

Types of display advertising:

  1. Banners are small images that contain advertising information and are placed on your blog, when clicking on which the user goes to the advertised resource;
  2. Video - such ads can be embedded in your posted video or shown in a specially designated place for it;
  3. Branding is special pages on your blog that are designed and dedicated to one specific brand;

Also, display advertising can be divided into ways to monetize it:

  1. Payment for the number of impressions - as a rule, this is a fixed amount per 1000 impressions;
  2. The conversion fee is also a fixed cost that is paid to you for the user clicks on the advertisement;
  3. Payment for an action - for example, a reward for ordering a product using your link or registering on an advertiser's website.

Each of the methods has its own pros and cons, but together they can really bring a good income for the owner of a professional blog.

By developing his resource and gaining more and more new readers and subscribers, the blogger automatically begins to receive more income from his blog.

Display advertising providers for professional blogs

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Professional bloggers can increase email subscriptions by offering exclusive content, free e-books, or access to webinars.

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