How To Start A Blog With Product Review And Make Money From It

Each person, by virtue of his specialty or hobbies, has some skills, knowledge or experience that is inaccessible to most people. He can bake cakes, hitchhike, make original gifts, and so on. Thanks to the development of the Internet, now such people have a choice: to continue communicating with like-minded people or to try to capitalize on their knowledge and experience. If you want to know how to make money from a product review blog, then you need to read this article.

How to make money with a product review blog

Each person, by virtue of his specialty or hobbies, has some skills, knowledge or experience that is inaccessible to most people. He can bake cakes, hitchhike, make original gifts, and so on. Thanks to the development of the Internet, now such people have a choice: to continue communicating with like-minded people or to try to capitalize on their knowledge and experience. If you want to know how to make money from a product review blog, then you need to read this article.

Creating a blog

Before starting your own online business and making a profit, you need to know why and how to start a blog with product review.

Defining the goal

Starting to keep your online diary, you must understand what you want to achieve, because each of your entries in it should be somehow aimed at achieving it. The most common tasks solved when running an Internet project are:

1. Earnings.

Blogging allows a person to influence a specific subset of users, as many vendors have noticed. For manufacturers of any products, bloggers have become another tool in running their own advertising campaign, and you can make money from this. But before employees of the company turn to you with such an offer, you need to become popular.

2. Promotion of your own business

By using a web resource in which you will talk about food products, you can increase its turnover. Blogging will increase the traffic of your corporate website by 55% and increase the number of indexed pages in search engines by 434%. This will directly boost your firm's search engine rankings and increase sales.

3. For fun.

If you are going to selflessly share your knowledge and opinion about a particular food product, then you can choose a provider that will not charge you money for web hosting. At the same time, some of them will even provide a free subdomain, which will allow you not only to share your opinion with users, but also to learn SEO, image processing and other things.

Setting up a blog

Any Internet project starts with coming up with a name for it. It should not only please you and be memorable, but also tell about the content of your blog. The same apt name will play a role in increasing the popularity of the Internet diary among users.

Where to register a domain

A domain is a unique alphanumeric designation that is a necessary element of an address on the Internet. A domain name allows you to identify a website or email address on the Internet. A domain name is made up of several parts.

For example, before creating a blog about products, you need to think carefully about the domain name. With the right selection, your blog can be popular and bring you good results.

A newbie needs to register his own domain name through a domain registrar. We recommend using the services of  NameCheap   or GoDaddy.

Where to post your blog?

Newbies are encouraged to start their own blog using shared hosting. However, when choosing a company that provides such services, you need to pay attention to the following five factors:

Download speed.

This metric affects both search engine rankings and user attention to published content. There are few people who will wait for your video or article to load.


24/7 availability and stability are some of the main characteristics of your blog.

Hosting cost.

Since you don't have the requisite internet diary experience, it is recommended that you consider companies that do not charge hosting fees or are minimal (under $ 5).

The presence of a room for growth.

Your web resource will develop, which will require an increase in server power, additional functions, and so on.

Availability and quick response of the support service.

The Internet, search engine ranking rules and other circumstances related to the conduct of Internet projects are constantly changing, so technical support is extremely important.

Engine selection

It is better to keep an Internet diary on the engine, which was originally created to solve this problem. For beginner bloggers, we recommend using WordPress, which you don't have to pay to use. Our recommendation is based on a significant number of tools necessary for commenting and posting posts, creating headings and performing SEO optimization work on an Internet resource. In addition, WordPress has a significant number of ready-made templates for keeping Internet diaries and the user can choose the most suitable one based on his own vision of his creation. Although the engine itself is free, it has a WordPress Themes Marketplase where a budding blogger can select and purchase professionally designed themes created by various developers. It is also worth noting the presence of a significant WordPress community, which will allow you to quickly and cost-effectively solve emerging problems.

Other platforms (Joomla, Drupal, etc.) are more functional, but hardly suitable for a beginner blogger. The lack of ready-made templates for an online diary, the need to master programming skills and adapt the engine to fit your needs are serious shortcomings.

Blog design

It's time to install and configure your blog engine. If you do not have any knowledge and experience, then you will spend a lot of time performing the necessary actions yourself. In order to avoid wasting time, we recommend:

  • Contact the technical support of the hosting company.
  • Watch thematic videos on YouTube or read feature articles.
  • Seek advice from a friend with the necessary experience.
  • Hire a freelancer.

Writing and publishing the first article

Pick the first food item you would like to share with your blog readers and plan the article. Write the first post, but don't rush to post it on your blog. It is necessary not only to edit the article (title, introduction, main part with subheadings and summary), but also to check the logic of the presentation of the material that you want to convey to readers.

In order for your article to be read by users, it must be promoted. To solve this problem, there are many tools (posting links on social networks and inviting you to express your opinion, posting links on thematic forums or in groups, and so on).

In order for your blog to live and be interesting to people, you need to regularly post new articles in it. In order to facilitate the search for new topics, we recommend using applications that allow you to quickly add notes, so as not to lose an interesting idea. The publication plan, analysis of statistics of visits and user reactions (Yandex.Metrica and / or Google Analytics), optimization for search engines, installation of a subscription form for a newsletter, as well as your reaction to the opinion expressed by readers will also help in the development of an Internet diary.

Choosing a video hosting

Video blogging is not much different from an online diary where you will publish your own product review articles. The only thing a novice blogger needs to do is to decide on a platform, which can be:

  • On YouTube, which is easy to set up and has a gigantic audience. Also, the advantage of this platform is the excellent indexing of published videos by the Google search engine and its free-of-charge.
  • On Vzaar, which allows you to upload video clips both directly from your office, and using a mobile or desktop application. This video hosting allows you to control the domains on which your video content will be played, apply watermarks to it, generate RSS feeds, and also quite simply categorize videos.

Other platforms (Wistia, Brightcove, Vimeo Pro and others) are more focused on corporate blogging and are paid services.

Using display ads to monetize your blog

Display ads placed in your now popular online diary will become one of the sources of your income. However, the presence of a significant number of annoying ads, their size and other factors can significantly reduce the popularity of your blog among users. To prevent this from happening, you must use one of the following specialized tools:


Ezoic allowing you to post native, sticky and banner ads on your blog, and post ad links. Ezoic's partnerships with many ad networks will allow you to attract more users and minimize the annoyance of advertisements on your blog.

Ezoic premium review


AdSterra, which allows not only to provide a stream of users from all over the world, but also to use various tools (subscriptions, utilities, and others). The choice of the region will give the opportunity to increase the popularity of your online diary among readers or viewers.


AdCash, which allows you to monitor statistics and has clear settings and controls. It is distinguished from the above tools by a more demanding administration, only a few banner formats and relatively low traffic.


AdPushup with high traffic, multiple forms of advertisements, automated A / B testing, fast connection and ad setup. This tool is also characterized by the high quality of the support service.


PropellerAds, characterized by significant traffic (the platform covers about 200 countries), a significant number of tools and the ability to promote various products.

Google adsense

Google Adsense, which is the best choice for a beginner blogger. Clear management will make it easier to start your web project, and search engine support will provide significant traffic. Using popular ad units will allow you to get paid for every click.


Mediavine is characterized by both one of the largest target audience coverage and many strict requirements. The ability to use cookies to attract target audience and the amount of pay-per-click will provide a good income.


AdThrive, which many major advertisers work with. This platform is more focused on video content and is characterized by providing high traffic and a simple interface that a beginner will quickly figure out. Monetization is pretty high.

In conclusion: how to start and make money with a product review blog?

We hope this article on How to Start a Product Blog will help you not only start your own blog and make it popular, but also make it generate good income for you.

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