You want business to be good. It's important to keep that flow of traffic going to your website, and having the right tools in place to ensure that happens is a big part of the process.

NIGHTWATCH SEO Pros and cons

Today we're going to look at one popular SEO tool designed to help ensure your web traffic is on point. It's called Nightwatch, and some have said it's a revolutionary analytics tool and performance tracker for marketers and SEO experts.

We'll examine both the pros and cons of NightwatchSEO, which according to its creators, can report and gather all types of performance data on demand.

Pro 1 - NightwatchSEO is Graphic (sort of).

Sorting through copious amounts of data can certainly be a tedious task, but NightwatchSEO offers detailed graphics and visualizations to plainly break things down on a single dashboard.

Services include keyword distribution and tracking of overall traffic in real-time in a clean and organized breakdown.

But are you seeing too much information? The dashboard is customizable, allowing you to see only the information you require.

You'll also get an analysis of how many backlinks a website has at any point in time, the backlinks' current status, where they are from, and how much variety the link profile has.

Plus, alerts can be put in place to show if a link is lost or gained.

NightwatchSEO also offers reports that can be shared with clients, which link with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. You'll also receive help with locating competitors so you can compare your operation.

Pro 2 - Ranking You #1

It's important to know where you sit in terms of popularity compared to the competition. NightwatchSEO can help you determine your online ranking, with an analysis of your placement on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even YouTube.

You will get a more in-depth picture of where you stand locally as well.

Analysis of local SERPs with a breakdown of local map results is offered by NightwatchSEO, which can only help when dealing with local clientele.

Trending keywords in your area are also captured in their data so you can add them to your campaign if need be.

You'll receive a notification whenever a new opportunity or trend surfaces, allowing you to react quickly to new information.

If you want to know your progress with Google snack packs, NightwatchSEO will offer real-time reporting on listings you want to gain access to. In the event you didn't know, Google snack packs showcase local businesses that come up in a search.

NightwatchSEO will send you word if your site is listed. When it does make the cut, you can send your client a report immediately so that they know you've scored one of the most sought-after local SEO spots today.

Pro 3 - Easy, breezy details

If you have clients tapped into your business who want performance updates, NightwatchSEO can help with a few keyboard strokes.

Customized reports can be devised that are easy to understand and easy on the eyes as well.

You can also adjust the data to report only the metrics you want, and to the people you want.

Con 1 - Free.. for a while..

Not sure that NightwatchSEO is for you? Well, as is the case with many services, you have access to a free trial to closely examine its benefits. However, the trial is limited not only in time but in scope: there is no access to the backlink tools.

But if local SEO is your bread and butter, you may want to consider giving the free trial a shot. The local tracking features may be enough to warrant spending on a lower-level package at the very least.

Con 2 - Dollars in/Dollars out

With a tool as multi-layered as NightwatchSEO, you can expect it won't come super cheap.

The base price isn't extravagant: a personal account with100 keywords comes with a $19 per month price tag.

But, of course, the bigger you go the more you'll pay, and significantly, although you may find it's worth it.

Prepare for a $699 cost per month cost for up to 10,000 keywords, which you might find to be a big help if you're dealing with a great number of keyword groups.

Ranking Nightwatch

After reviewing the pros and cons of NightwatchSEO, we think it's reasonable to give this product 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The cost of the full package doesn't come cheap, however with so many effective tools, it may be just what you need to optimize your website for optimum success.

★★★★⋆ Nightwatch SEO The cost of the full package doesn't come cheap, however with so many effective tools, it may be just what you need to optimize your website for optimum success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What unique features does NIGHTWATCH offer for SEO analytics?
NIGHTWATCH offers unique features like segmented data views, customizable dashboards, tracking of search visibility, integration with Google Analytics and Search Console, local and global keyword tracking, and backlink monitoring. These tools provide comprehensive insights for effective SEO strategy formulation.

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