SERPSTAT Affiliate Program: A Detailed Review

The SERPSTAT Affiliate Program is an opportunity to earn extra income if you are a blogger or a company specializing in SEO and marketing.
SERPSTAT Affiliate Program: A Detailed Review

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SERPSTAT Affiliate Program: Terms and Conditions

The SERPSTAT Affiliate Program is an opportunity to earn extra income if you are a blogger or a company specializing in SEO and marketing.

Summarizing the above, Serpstat is an SEO service for selecting keywords and analyzing competitors. Serpstat helps search marketers collect semantics for content and tags, key phrases for PPC advertising, and track site visibility changes.

Serpstat affiliate offers its clients web analytics with a variety of tools for analyzing search results, in-depth analysis of competitor sites and, of course, support.

SERPSTAT at a glance

SERPSTAT is a one-stop SEO service. Used by digital marketing professionals around the world.

The company was founded by Oleg Salamha in 2013. That is, the platform has existed for a long time. On the world market - since 2016, before that she worked only in Ukraine. The main office is located in Odessa.

Who is the SERPSTAT service for?

The service is used primarily by webmasters, SEO specialists, content marketers, PPC specialists, as well as small and medium enterprises that need to analyze search queries and competitors.

The tool allows you to perform many tasks automatically. For example:

  • search and analyze the required key queries;
  • analyze search results;
  • track the rating of a company or website;
  • track backlinks;
  • analyze online advertising;
  • generate ideas for content marketing;
  • research competitors;
  • analyze the market;
  • audit the site or specific web pages.

SERPSTAT has gained a reputation as one of the most democratic and inexpensive services. Therefore, he is so loved by small companies and individuals. Some of its plans are half the price of competitors like Semrush.

Note: The service provides fairly detailed and in-depth statistics on links and key queries. Especially if the studied market belongs to the USA, Russia and Ukraine. However, when analyzing smaller markets, such as smaller European countries, the statistics will not be as detailed.

Who is the affiliate program for?

The SERPSTAT referral program is right for you if you:

  • Blogger or webmaster. Especially if a blog or website is dedicated to advertising, digital marketing and other related topics.
  • Edition. Which specializes in SEO and Marketing.
  • Marketing or advertising agency. Owner or employee specialized in SEO and PPC.
  • Teacher or course administrator. And also a representative of a school or educational center that teaches marketing, SEO and PPC.

Freelancers who have already formed a large network of clients can also use the affiliate program.

Note: The SERPSTAT affiliate program is one of the highest paid.

How the SERPSTAT referral program works

A SERPSTAT partner can receive up to 30% from each payment for the referred referrals.

Every user who came with a promo code or referral link and then paid for any service becomes a referral. All his subsequent payments for services will also be counted and bring certain income.

The referred referral can pay for any services and tariffs. From all of them you will receive bonuses. Including tariff extensions.


  • Commission checks are sent monthly.
  • The more referrals come through your link and make a purchase, the higher the percentage of payments to your account.
  • If you use bonuses to pay for a subscription, the amount received is multiplied by 1.5. Example: Your referral account has $ 50. If you choose to use this money to pay for SERPSTAT services, the money will be counted as $ 75.
  • To keep track of income more conveniently, the service provides reporting. It can be obtained at any time at any time of the day. Statistics can be viewed in real time.

By the way, the company constantly arranges promotions and sales with special discounts and offers. The discount on the tariff can be up to 35-40%. This can be used by promoting your referral link. For example, notify potential referrals about big discounts.

SERPSTAT Affiliate Program Review : Earn Recurring Income

Affiliate payments

As mentioned above, the more a person buys services from your referral link, the greater your commission percentage.

This is how it looks:

  • If from 1 to 3 payments are made using the link, the size of your commission will be 5% of their spending.
  • 4 to 10 payments - you get 10%.
  • From 11 to 20 payments - 20%.
  • With 21 payments or more - 30%.

Also, the size of the commission varies depending on the subscription plan you are selling.

How to become a member of the affiliate program

To do this, just register on their official website and go to the Referral program section. All conditions and benefits are described in detail there.

To register, you can use your email or social media accounts Facebook and Twitter. Email is the best and most convenient option.

After registering as a partner, you will receive a personal link with a unique code at the end. It can be posted on your blogs, social networks and other sites. If a user clicks on your link and purchases any of the SERPSTAT services, he will become your referral.

Where to post your referral links

You can use different tools to attract referrals. For example:

  • banners on sites;
  • informative articles about SERPSTAT;
  • social media.

The service also provides personalized landing pages and promotional materials. If you have any questions, you can contact technical support for free.

How to withdraw money

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50. You can withdraw money to Webmoney or PayPal. Payments are made every month. The money will be credited to the account within 1-3 days after the application.

Also, you can not withdraw money, but use it to pay for any service tariff or to receive a discount on services.

Terms of joining the affiliate program

The SERPSTAT partner must comply with certain conditions:

  • You cannot buy the services of the service using your own referral link.
  • To attract referrals, it is forbidden to conduct PPC campaigns.
  • It is undesirable to advertise your affiliate links using spam and aggressive advertising on social networks and forums.
  • It is forbidden to offer your own discounts and gifts for the purchase of services of the service.

If you follow these rules, no problems will arise. Otherwise, you may be excluded from the affiliate program.

Pros and cons of the SERPSTAT affiliate program

  • a large percentage of payments with a large number of referrals;
  • lifetime payments;
  • detailed reporting 24/7;
  • free promo materials and support;
  • transparency of the system;
  • Russian language interface and support.
  • small percentage of payments with a small number of referrals.
★★★★☆  SERPSTAT Affiliate Program: A Detailed Review A good SEO referral program with a generous commission, that only starts to really pay with a lot of affiliates.

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