Create a Google Android app bundle in few easy steps

Creating a Google Play bundle for Play Store upload

A  Google Android app bundle‌  package is a compressed file that contains all details about an application to upload on the GooglePlayStore. After having figured how to create app in Google Play Store, it is necessary to create a signed  Android app bundle APK‌  to  upload app bundle to Play Store‌  before it can be validated and published on GooglePlayStore.

See below how to create a  Google Play bundle‌  in few easy steps using the  AndroidStudio‌  software, using the example of the creationg of the  WhereCanIFLY travel app‌  for GooglePlayStore, which has been created using existing Android app code from the  TravelPayouts affiliate‌  program.

TravelPayouts affiliate program and code for flight booking app development

Installing and opening Android Studio

First of all, start by download the  AndroidStudio‌  and installing it on your computer. The installation will take about a Gigabyte of space on your computer.

Using that software is the right way  how to make APK from Android Studio‌  to upload on the Google Play Console, as can only  upload app bundle to Play Store‌  if they are signed with a private key, that has to be included in that AndroidStudio.

Create or import new project in Android Studio

Create a new project or import an existing one if you are for example creating an application based on existing code, such as the one provided from the  TravelPayouts affiliate‌  program to create your own  best travel budget app Android‌  such as the WhereCanIFLY travel app.

Create new app in Android Studio: file > new > new project

Select the option that fits best your case. In ours, we are reusing existing code for an app bundle, and all we have to do is to import a new project and provide  AndroidStudio‌  the path to our code on the local computer.

Android Studio will recognize itself the special types of folders that might actually contain the code of an Android application.

In such folders, the icon will be replaced by the ANdroid Studio icon, meaning it might be an actual application for which you want to generate an  Android app bundle APK‌  that will be signed electronically.

Generate signed Google Android app bundle/APK

Now that the code is ready and the Android application has been developed, the next step to be able to generate a GooglePlay bundle is to use the right icon.

Generate signed Android app bundle in Android Studio: build > generate signed bundle/APK

Then, select the option that fits best your Android app between generating a Google Android app bundle, which is a signed app and is actually required by  GooglePlayStore‌  for upload, or an APK that can be installed manually on an Android phone without having to  upload app bundle to Play Store‌  for example for testing, or to deploy on a company phone.

How to make APK from Android Studio

To generate a signed  Android app bundle APK‌  it is necessary to use a working key that has been signed electronically.

In case you forgot yours, and need to request a new one, see our full guide on how to make APK from Android Studio.

Otherwise, simply create a new key, and select a password that you will be able to remember. If you can't remember the password, you won't be able to generate further Android app bundle to upload on the Google Play Store.

Create release Android app bundle

Then, select what works best for you, which will be either a debug version for testing purposes, or a release version to install on Android mobile device.

After a while, count about ten minutes for a standard app, an Android app bundle will have successfully been created and saved on your computer in defined path.

If any error happened during the generation, they will be detailed in the event log for further analysis.

App bundle generated successfully for module

On top of the Windows notification, an other notification will be displayed inside the Android Studio application. It will also offer in the event log direct links to locate the Android app bundle on your computer, or to analyze the app bundle that has been created.

Now that your Android app bundle has been generated, you can  upload app bundle to Play Store‌  to get it validated and published on the AndroidPlayStore.

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