How to create app and upload on Play Store?

After having setup app on Google Play Store in the GooglePlayConsole, and generated a Google Android app bundle using AndroidStudio, the next step to have the created Android application published on the GooglePlayStore is to upload app bundle to Play Store, which will allow for the team to validate it and publish it.

Create signed Android app and upload on Play Store

After having  setup app on Google Play Store‌  in the GooglePlayConsole, and generated a  Google Android app bundle‌  using AndroidStudio, the next step to have the created Android application published on the  GooglePlayStore‌  is to upload app bundle to Play Store, which will allow for the team to validate it and publish it.

See below the continuation of our example on the creation of the  best travel budget app Android‌  using free existing code from the  TravelPayouts affiliate‌  program.

TravelPayouts affiliate program and code for flight booking app development

Creating a new app release

Having an existing  Google Play bundle‌  at hand, start by logging on the  GooglePlayConsole‌  and select the app for which a new  Google Android app bundle‌  release should be published.

From there, open on the left hand side of the  GooglePlayConsole‌  the submenu app releases under release management.

Upload app bundle to PlayStore: GooglePlayConsole > release management > app releases

Then, from the app releases screen, find the manage button of the production track.

Create release in production

In the production track app releases, you will have access to the details of the release currently published on the GooglePlayStore: release bundle package name, roll-out history, language translations, details on what's new in the release, and detailed list of  Google Android app bundle‌  and Android app bundle APKs included in the release.

Click on the create release button in order to access the form containing details of the new release to upload for the application.

Add Android app bundle and APK

Scroll down a little bit to find a drag and drop zone, in which you can browse for files on your device or drop  Google Android app bundle‌  and  Android app bundle APK‌  to include in the release being added to the app on the GooglePlayStore.

The easiest way to add  Google Android app bundle‌  and APKs is to drag and drop them from your file explorer.

In our case, we are simply dropping in the form the only signed bundle necessary for the  WhereCanIFLY travel app‌  which is an app bundle file.

The upload might take some time, as even a small app such as the  WhereCanIFLY travel app‌  generated with existing code from the  TravelPayouts affiliate‌  program weights as much as 38 megabytes.

If everything goes fine, the package upload in the Android app bundles and APKs to add form will be added, and its details will have been retrieved by the interface: type, version code, API levels, target SDK, native platforms, OpenGL ES versions, features, and app download size.

What's new in the release

Finally, after having add the app bundles, it is necessary to include some text explaining what has changed in that release, in order to let the people that have downloaded the app know why there is a new version to download and install on their Android mobile device.

Confirm roll-out to production

There might be some warnings to review, depending on your exact app.

In our case, we got severe warnings that the new version of our application would support less  Android mobile device‌  than the previous version, meaning that eventually some of the users might not be able to keep using the application.

However, that is not an issue for us, and we can ignore these warnings.

Before finalizing the roll-out to production, it is possible to define a release rollout percentage, by specifying the percentage of the user base to which we want to roll out the release.

After having selected the percentage, continue by clicking the start roll-out to production button.

Eventually, a pop-up asking to confirm that we are fine to proceed with warnings ignored will be displayed.

App version released to production

And that's it! In our example, the new release of the  WhereCanIFLY travel app‌  that has been built with the  TravelPayouts affiliate‌   Google Android app bundle‌  has been released to production, and is ready for review before being published, a necessary step for most applications on the Google Play Store.

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