Export Powerpoint Slides To JPG High Resolution

How to extract pictures from PowerPoint?

In many cases, it might be useful to use this PowerPoint, this great presentation tool of the  Microsoft Office‌  suite to actually create images by creating a composition inside a slide - the  Microsoft Powerpoint‌  software can easily be used as an image editor that way, a great solution to generate a unique YouTube thumbnail for your latest video podcast‌ episode that will stand out of the crowd. You could also use it to create a unique Instagram post or to design an amazing guest post‌ main picture and make sure that your writing is getting noticed!

But getting a picture out of a Powerpoint presentation for usage elsewhere, such as a social media post illustration, might seem difficult, and the easy-to-access right click on a slide content's with save as a picture option will only get you so far as extracting a single picture included in a slide on your computer.

Have you tried to right click on all your slides thumbnails to find a way to export PowerPoint slides to picture and only have a single slide saved in high-resolution JPG or PNG image file on your local hard drive? Then, this guide is for you!

There is an easy way to export PowerPoint slides to JPG (High Resolution included!) with only a few steps that are explained below, or that you can follow on the official support.

Save a slide - Office Support - Microsoft Support

1. Open the File menu

Once the PowerPoint slide that you want to convert to PNG has been finalized, the first step in exporting it is to select the slide to export by clicking on it in the left side slide selector.

Once selected, open the File menu in the top-left corner of the screen to proceed with the exportation

In the File menu, select the Save As option to proceed.

2. Select to convert powerpoint slide to PNG or JPG format

After having select the computer location on which the exported slide will be saved to, change the file type by clicking on the current file type, and selecting the one you want to use to convert the slide to a high-resolution JPG or PNG image.

You might have to scroll down the drop-down menu options to find the image options.

PowerPoint available image export formats:
  • Animated GIF format .gif
  • JPEG File Interchange Formet .jpg
  • PNG Portable Network Graphics Format .png
  • TIFF Tag Image File Format .tif
  • Device Independent Bitmap .bmp

Once the right file format in which the PowerPoint slide will be converted to a high-resolution image has been selected, enter a file name that will be used to save the picture.

You can now proceed with saving the exported image by clicking the Save button.

3. Selecting the slides to export

The last step before having your slide export image created is to choose if you want to export all slides of your current PowerPoint presentation, or only the selected slide as a high-resolution image.

Choose the right option in your case to proceed with the exportation.

And that's all, you have finished to export PowerPoint slides to JPG high resolution image file, or another format if you have chosen to do so.

That is also the way to convert a PowerPoint slide to PNG by selecting the right option, or any of the above available PowerPoint image file formats available for exportation of a single slide, or for conversion of the whole slides set.

Summary: export PowerPoint slides to JPG high resolution

How to export PowerPoint slides to JPG high resolution?
  • Select the slide to export
  • Go to menu File > Save As
  • Select target location on your computer
  • Select high-resolution export picture format (GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF or BMP)
  • Choose between saving a single slide or all slides

And finally, open the exported files with the image processing application of your choice - or share it on your socials!

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