Insert Excel file into Word

How to insert an Excel spreadsheet into Word

Inserting a  Microsoft Excel‌  spreadsheet in a Word document is pretty simple. In short, use the INSERT > Text > Object > Object... menu, select Create from File, select the file on the computer, and click OK. That's it, you have an embed Excel in Word!

Insert document into Word

This works with all  Microsoft Office‌  products, to embed any kind of file in a Word, Excel, PowerPoint document.

In detail, starting from a  Microsoft Excel‌  file, save it locally on computer, as works in progress cannot be used to embed Excel file in Word.

In the  Microsoft Word‌  document, open the INSERT > Text > Object > Object... menu, is how to insert an Excel file into Word, by following the guided options that will be displayed.

How to insert Excel into Word

Go to the Create from File tab if your file already exists, and click on Browse to have the opportunity of inserting spreadsheet into Word, as the file must be already existing and saved locally on the computer.

Select the file on the computer to be the embed document in Word, and click on Open to insert file into Word document.

Then, check the Display as icon box, so the link to open the Excel file in Word will be nicely displayed as an icon. Click on Change Icon...

Insert Excel spreadsheet into Word

There, option is given to select another icon, and, most important, change the name to display – for example a description instead of the local file name, this is up to you and the use you will have of this file.

And voilà ! The Excel file is now inserted in the Word document, which can be shared across, by email for example to all your colleagues and clients.

How to insert a document in Word

This trick actually works for all kind of documents, to be inserted in all  Microsoft Office‌  products. For example, use it to insert PDF into Excel, insert Excel into Word, have embed Word document in Excel, insert Word document into Excel, and much more.

All combinations are possible! The only requirement, is to have the file saved on the hard drive, and accessible by the  Microsoft Office‌  application in which an object have to be embed.

Insert PDF into Word document

To insert a PDF document into a Word file, follow the following steps:

- select menu insert > object,

- select create from file option,

- click browse and select the PDF file on computer,

- select display as icon to display an icon linking to the file, otherwise the PDF first page will be displayed.

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