Use Notepad++ To Sort Lines Random

Notepad++ randomize lines

Using Notepad++, it is very simple to randomize a list of lines, going from an organized list to a random one, as seen above.

To do so, make sure you have installed Python Script plugin – if not, see Notepad++ install Python Script plugin with Plugin Manager. We will then install the for Notepad++ from github.

Open details on github, and copy the content in your clipboard.

Create a file in your local Notepad++ folder > plugins > PythonScript > scripts folder

Open this file for example with Notepad++, and paste the code from details on github

Restart Notepad++, and, in the file containing the lines to randomize open (and eventually text selected if you don’t want to randomize the whole file), select the option RandomizeLines in menu Plugins => Python Script => Scripts

And enjoy the result !

Shuffle lines in text file Windows

The best way to shuffle lines in text file on Windows, is to use notepad++ shuffle lines tool.

Download Notepad++, install the Python shuffle lines in file files, and use Notepad++ to randomize lines in any text file.

How to sort in Notepad++

You can easily sort in Notepad++ by using the TextFX > TextFX tools > sort lines, either case sensitive or not, and ascending or descending.

How to randomize files in a folder

It is not possible to randomize files in a folder, as the folder display is ordered by the column you want in Explorer. However, you can assign them random names, which will make them appear sorted at random.

Randomizing Files in a Folder

How to sort text in Notepad++

In order to sort text in Notepad++, install the plugin TextFX tools. Then, select the text you want to sort in Notepad++, and go to menu TextFX > TextFXTools > Sort lines.

By selecting the sort lines case sensitive option, the text will be sorted taking in consideration the case of the letters. If the output unique option is selected, same text with different case will be kept. Be selecting the sort lines case insensitive option, if two lines have the same text with different case, they will be treated as being the same text.

Remove Duplicates, Remove Blank Lines, and Sort Data in Notepad++

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