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Notepad++ randomize lines

Using Notepad++, it is very simple to randomize a list of lines, going from an organized list to a random one, as seen above.

To do so, make sure you have installed Python Script plugin – if not, see Notepad++ install Python Script plugin with Plugin Manager. We will then install the for Notepad++ from github.

Open details on github, and copy the content in your clipboard.

Create a file in your local Notepad++ folder > plugins > PythonScript > scripts folder

Open this file for example with Notepad++, and paste the code from details on github

Restart Notepad++, and, in the file containing the lines to randomize open (and eventually text selected if you don’t want to randomize the whole file), select the option RandomizeLines in menu Plugins => Python Script => Scripts

And enjoy the result !

Shuffle lines in text file Windows

The best way to shuffle lines in text file on Windows, is to use notepad++ shuffle lines tool.

Download Notepad++, install the Python shuffle lines in file files, and use Notepad++ to randomize lines in any text file.

How to sort in Notepad++

You can easily sort in Notepad++ by using the TextFX > TextFX tools > sort lines, either case sensitive or not, and ascending or descending.

How to randomize files in a folder

It is not possible to randomize files in a folder, as the folder display is ordered by the column you want in Explorer. However, you can assign them random names, which will make them appear sorted at random.

Randomizing Files in a Folder

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