Notepad++ install Python Script plugin with Plugin Manager

Notepad++ Python plugin install

In order to be able to run a lot of interesting scripts (see Notepad++ randomize, sort lines random), written in Python language in Notepad++, you need to install the Python script plugin.

Notepad++ sort lines random

You can either download and install it manually, or install it automatically with the Plugin Manager, that you can find in menu Plugins >  Plugin Manager‌  > Show Plugin Manager.

Notepad++ plugin manager

Open the Plugin Manager, look for the entry Python Script in the list, and select Install.

You might be prompted to update your Notepad++ or the Plugin Manager, please do so before proceeding.

Once the  Plugin Manager‌  is updated, and after having restarted your Notepad++, try again installing the plugin.

Python plugin for Notepad++

You can now access in the Plugins > Python Script menu.

The scripts accessible will be limited at first - you need to install required scripts in the folder (most likely under Program Files > Notepad++ > plugins > PythonScript > scripts).

How to run Python in Notepad++

To be able to run Python scripts in Notepad++ text editor, it is necessary to install an additional plugin that will allow this.

The plugin is accessible directly in the plugin manager, without having to download extra files on Internet, as the  Plugin Manager‌  will download all necessary files by itself.

Cannot see plugin manager in notepad++

Since Notepad++ 7.5, the  Plugin Manager‌  is no longer available in Notepad++. A separate plugin has to be installed to manage the plugins installed in Notepad++ and to show the plugin manager. This has been done to avoid displaying ads in the interface.

If you experience Notepad++  Plugin Manager‌  missing windows 10, simply install the plugin NPPpluginmanager, by downloading the package and extracting it in the NotePad++ installation plugin folder.

How to view Plugin Manager in Notepad++
NPP plugin manager plugin

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