How many words in my text? With Notepad++ word count tool

How many words Notepad++

There are three easy ways to get the word count in Notepad++, and also the character count, along with the number of lines, with fast and simple tricks in Notepad++:

  • menu View > Summary...,
  • double click on the text length / lines count in the bottom status bar,
  • use the plugin TextFX > TextFX Tools > T:WordCount.

Count words in text

The first way to get the word count in Notepad++, is to paste the required text in a new tab in Notepad++, and open the menu View > Summary....

This will display the same information as the next solution.

Word count checker

The second way to get the char count in Notepad++, is to double click on the status bar, where the file length and the number of lines is displayed.

A pop-up will appear, showing the following information:

Characters count without spaces, word count, line count, document length, and selection length, if any.

Pay attention, the character counter does not take in consideration the spaces between words.

Character count with spaces

To get a character count with spaces, the best way is to use TextFX plugin, which can easily be installed in Notepad++, see our guide below.

First step is to select a text, as the plugin will only do the count for the current selection. To get the information, open the menu TextFX > TextFX Tools > T:WordCount.

It will display the word count, along with the char count with spaces and char count without spaces.

Pay attention, a text must be select, or an error message will be displayed.

This plugin can easily be used as a paragraph word count, as all you have to do is select the required paragraph, and open the plugin to get the word count only for the selected paragraph.

How many words is 200 characters

On average, a word has about 6 characters with spaces, or 5 characters without spaces in Latin.

Therefore, a 200 characters text represents about 40 words without spaces, or 33 words with spaces.

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Notepad++ download and word count
Where can I find position in Notepad ++?

Where can I find position in Notepad ++? Using the CTRL-G keyboard combination, you can easily navigate to a specific line number. While navigating the text opened in Notepad++, you can see the line and character position at any time in the status bar on the bottom of the interface: the LN means line, and COL means character position in the line.

If you want to navigate to a given character number in the file, use the CTRL-G function and select the offset functionality to go directly to a specific character position in the file.

If you want to navigate to a specific character position given its line and column number, then you should use a  regular expression‌  as explained in the Notepad++ community.

Character position | Notepad++ Community
Does Notepad have a word count?

Does Notepad have a word count? The Standard Notepad program does not have a word count functionality.

Therefore, it is recommended to use another tool, such as the Notepad++ character count tool, to count how many words in your text. You can also for example use the  Microsoft Office‌  Word built-in functionality to count the number of characters in your text.

how to count words in notepad - Microsoft Community

Notepad++ character count

A wordcounttool such as Notepad++ TextFX can be used to count the characters in any file opened in Notepad++ text editor, if the Notepad++ word count status bar is not sufficient.

The integrated word count tool is already enough to count characters, words or lines, and ca be simply accesed in the status bar at any time.

How many words in my text? With Notepad++ word count tool

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